About Grief & Guilt

Quote for the Week


“Now that you know the truth of who you really are…live your life fearlessly!”

– Anita Moorjani, Dying To Be Me



Energy of Change and Spiritual Celebrations


This time of year we are strongly influenced by the energy of Change and powerful Spiritual celebrations … the Celebration of Purim (Feast of Lots) on the Jewish calendar, Holi for the Hindu faith and Hola Mohalla for the Sikh, the Persian/Zoroastrian New Year and Baha’i New Year and the Autumn/ Spring Equinox, Lailat al Miraj (Journey of Ascension) is celebrated in the Islamic faith and Vesak, Buddha’s Birthday….just to name a few spiritual celebrations enJOYing this Spiritual time of Change.


Yesterday, Friday, in Sydney brought the first full moon after March 21 ( Equinox)… which is how Easter is set and is being celebrated this weekend.


These traditions are celebrations of joy, hope, ascension and life with promise for a new and better future.


So if you wanted a sign that Universal energy is supporting your growth and transformation- this IS it! EnJOY!



Energy of Change in Personal Consultations


In their Personal Consultations, Clients have been clearing out what no longer works in their life …. many feeling deeply stuck in their old ways and their bad habits, dark thoughts, fears, sadness, anger and conceding to their sabotages of resistance to change, then frustration as they see they are blocking their ability to create the positive future they seek. At the end of the Personal Consultation, a process of BEcoming Your True Self, Clients report being lighter with many declaring, “I wish I’d come in earlier.” Life then becomes easier, begins to flow and create focus and clarity. Exciting times!


Autumn is the season to let go anything stopping us from growing, so we can continue to move along our own path, toward our own vision. In the letting go the old ways of relating and Doing, Life can change, evolve, step up in a way that cannot happen when we hold on.


So now is the time to let go of the past and create Your Vision for life You are meant to Live.


Major times of transformation and change can create stress…feeling wound up, anxious, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite, weight gain, negative thoughts in an ongoing loop in our head, quick to react and criticize. Sound familiar?


The Full Moon in Libra on Friday at 9.18pm Sydney time, the second Libran Moon this year making it a Blue Moon and Pink Moon in the Northern Hemisphere, intensified emotions. Anything causing you to be out of balance was highlighted. Anything causing you to go into excess (overworking, over eating/ drinking/ thinking etc) or causing you to feel depleted, empty, lacking or unfulfilled. This gives you the opportunity to take note and change your life to create the balance you seek and to heal.


Take advantage of the Autumn and the spiritual energy to clean out the old wounds to self heal and create the healthy, loving life you are seeking.



Grief & Guilt


Over the last few weeks we have been experiencing the power of Autumn to release and let go.


It’s in Autumn that we prune the dead wood and let go of the habits and beliefs than no longer work for us, creating room for healthy new growth to establish before Winter.


What ‘dead wood’? Holding onto old regrets, guilt, grudges and losses is exhausting work. It holds you back from living the life you are meant to.


Autumn is the time in Chinese Medicine when the lung and large intestine energy is at optimum levels to clean up, clear out and re-energise.


So now is the time to clear out the sore throats and congestion from unresolved emotions of old grief and guilt. It can reduce your resilience to fighting off bugs and make you vulnerable to chest and lung infections. Feeling blocked up? You can use the energy of Autumn to sort out any lung or large intestine issues, more easily.


Ignite Your Heart grads could re-visit the Ribbon Cutting process to clear out unresolved grief and guilt from relationships. While Living Life Passionately grads can work with the Defuse the Negative and Infuse the Positive process. Alternatively you can book a Personal Consultation to release the deepest patterns unique to you.



About Grief


Our society handles grief badly. We expect those that are grieving to move on more quickly than we are designed, even though grieving our losses is a part of everyday life, whether from the loss of a relationship, a friendship, a loved one or pet, or the loss of a job, car or home.


The intensity of grief and its impact on everyday life can be debilitating. The brain does generate hormones to assist with the grieving process, eg. to get through the funeral and its aftermath, help those divorcing to separate lives and those made redundant sort the paperwork and begin to think of a new life without the old.


And just as the grieving are beginning to catch their breath the hormones of grief that help them through this transition stage begin to subside at about 6 weeks after the loss.


Which is usually when the casseroles and support begins to wane, and the grieving are told in words and actions ” to suck it up” and “get on with it”.


In my office over the years the most common remark from those grieving is how badly those around them react to their loss…as if it’s contagious the grieving are avoided at all costs for fear of catching ‘the death germ’ or saying the ‘wrong thing’.


So, just when the support is needed, those needing support are at a further loss to family and friends who seemingly desert them.


The unpredictability of grief is a part of this….as a process it cannot be measured by a step by step process…’oh, so you are stage 1 and have 4 more to go’ cannot be applied here.


The healing process moves according to the available energy to heal. I have worked with some clients who have only started to grieve 20 years after an event when they have the energy and ability to let go and heal themselves. Others find themselves caught unawares long after a loss they through they were’ done’ grieving.


Being Present is the last thing most want to do while grieving. The pain of the grief becomes more acute when Present, for a short period of time. Yet when sat with, breathed through and released healing can take place more deeply than those who distract themselves with the Past or chasing the Future.


Profound healing occurs in the Present and head holding and breathing is the perfect exercise to assist you to do that and allow you to grieve. And it takes time.


From a spiritual perspective I have learnt first hand that death is the end of a physical existence only and that a spirit and their love continues as strongly as ever, as does the connection of love shared.


All good reasons to be Present, to look for moments to be Grateful and to Live the Life You are Meant to, what is meaningful to YOU. When You are ready.


Please email me with any questions or to book an appointment to help you heal your grief.



About Guilt


Every time you do something that makes you feel bad about yourself lowers your self esteem & chips away at your self worth. Whether it’s the negative self talk in your head, the habits that you loathe yourself for or the way you behave to those you love when you are short on time or stressed.


Or something much bigger. Or worse.


So make a decision, use your power of choice, to only do what lifts you up, what reinforces your self worth and self esteem. Affirm that sense of Knowing that brings you calm and centred when you KNOW in your heart you are doing what you know is right for you. Let Go of the rest.


And if you can’t?


BEing Kind starts with loving yourself enough to forgive Yourself, Others and Life. Anyone/thing blaming you or who you’ve blamed.


Why Do This?


To heal yourself and become lighter
To Let Go of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual baggage that comes with Blame and Guilt.
To BE your best self
To move along your spiritual path more easily and gently
To fulfill your Purpose in Life


What has to happen to learn to forgive?


Some ‘bad, bad thing”.


And we forget that part.


UNTIL it happens and we are given the opportunity to heal ourselves by learning to forgive.

(Neale Donald Walshe’s children’s story, Little Soul and the Sun explains this thought further).



Forgiveness is a process. It can happen in a nano-second if you are willing.


And if not, then it’s a good time to remind yourself that you are a Human, Being.


In the meantime, please be kind.

Wishing You the best of blessings always,