Happy Holydays!


Deb’s here right across Christmas and NY (except Christmas & Boxing Day & NY day)


Why? Some people can have a tough time at Christmas and I made the choice years ago to be here to help. If you do notice someone having difficulty please ask, “Are You Okay?”, sit, Be Present with them, look into their eyes, be interested as you listen. It could make someone’s day. And be the gift you were seeking to give.



Feeling Like It Is the End Of The World?


We can feel like the ‘sky is falling’ when we are experiencing major change.


We can feel tired, beyond tired, done. It’s important to remember what this really is..the end of the old cycle, attempting to move forward taking the baggage of the past with us when we need to leave it behind.


As we complete one cycle a new cycle is opening, bringing new opportunities and renewed energy.


Now is a time of great change, bringing with it opportunities to heal and create the Life Meant for You more easily.


When we moved from 2011 and into 2012, another time of major change and huge energetic transformation, I received a call from a journalist asking “Is the world going to end on Friday December 21?” My response was, for some…of course.


Some believe Change is a part of life to be adapted to. Others can believe it IS the end of the world. The end of a relationship, loss of a loved one, being sacked/retrenched, losing your life savings, an unexpected diagnosis. All endings that require we adapt and change to the NEW life waiting for us.


The journalist then asked (I’ve paraphrased), “What do you think of the people declaring that unless you are enlightened you will be left behind/ die”.


Firstly, I did resist saying that Apple fans have been telling me this for years.


The answer: What You Focus on Grows.


In times of change if you focus on fear you attract more fear, you contract, curl up in a ball, think everyone is your enemy and expect the worst- and can find you are in greater fear.


If you focus on LOVE you are open to opportunities, you expand, you open your arms, chest/ heart and you expect the best and are inclusive of others, have generosity of spirit.


The Universal energies over the last few years have given us the opportunities to heal more easily and quickly, to Let Go of the old burdens, wounds, scars, habits, ways of thinking and doing life that were stopping us from Being our True Self.


So we can be who we truly are in our heart of hearts and true nature -a BEing full of LOVE. And when you are being your true self what do you attract? True love.


Why now? We are moving through a New Age. Think of Ice Age, the animated movie. The characters were looking for their new home, the new better place to live because their old life was literally crumbling beneath them as the earth warmed up and the ice melted. Hence, the end of the ice age.


The ancient Mayan and Hopi traditions (amongst others) believe that in 2012 the old age ended and the new age began.


Certainly there has been a massive amount of global change over the last few years where old ways of doing life no longer works for us, and we have been declaring it- calling things for the way they are and revealing their truths.


Major institutions whose authority was previously unquestioned are now being called accountable. As we adapt to the changes we create new, better ways of living life.


The old fear based ways of communicating and attempting to live up to others expectations of you no longer work and are falling away so that you can be your True Self and live from a loving, expanding, transformative space.


From your Spirit. From Divine Love.

Another BIG reason to CELEBRATE at this time of year!

Celebrate Your True Self, and learning to listen to and act from your heart.
Celebrate your Progress.
Celebrate Letting Go!


Write yourself a letter of love and gratitude for the Life You are creating for yourself.

Celebrate your Spirit

This IS the start of The Best Day of Your Life So Far.
It is the next step to You Living the Life Meant for You.



The Spiritual Agenda


I offer the Spiritual Agenda in Personal Consultations when clients are preparing to travel as it’s a wonderful way to collect a whole bunch of learnings, understandings and insights while you are seeing and experiencing life differently.


As we have discussed in the Breathe newsletter over the past few weeks we are currently experiencing a highly energetic time of healing and transformation. Which in itself is a journey. It’s the end of a cycle and the beginning of another. So I offer the Spiritual Agenda each year at this time as you are moving through from the old cycle into the new.


I have seen some amazing transformations, choices and been witness to some of your wonderful processes in the last year. Thankyou.


I have watched your love and respect for yourself grow as you honour the light that is within you and realize your truth. Thankyou.


And at this most amazingly spiritual time I offer you a gift, the gift of…


The Spiritual Agenda


Life at this time can be fast, busy and an emotional roller coaster. Before you start your celebrations can I suggest that you write a list:


“The Top 5 Important Understandings and Learnings”
that you want to gain over the next 2 weeks (that includes NYE).


They could be new understandings or learnings:
about yourself and your relationship with yourself, others and Life;
about family members or friends you conflict with;
about Life itself.


Then describe what that would sense that would bring to you….
peace, grace, calm, joy, love, completion?


Here are 2 examples:


“ It is now December 27, 2018 and all the Christmas visits are over. I have a new understanding of why I behave/ think/ feel the way I do about (mum/ dad/ sister/ brother/ partner/ situation/ etc) and I now have a sense of peace/ calm/ acceptance, etc .”


Or, “It is now January 3, 2019 and I have had a Christmas filled with lots of love and laughter. I have a new understanding of (mum/ dad/ sister/ brother/ partner/ etc) and why they are who they are/ behave that way and I have a new sense of respect for them.”


Why do this exercise? It helps set your Inner GPS toward creating the Life You are Meant to Live – filled with love, commitment, purpose, passion and Spirit. Let me know how it works for you.


Wishing you a loving, laughter-filled and Spirited Festive Season,



Love and Blessings,