Incense Set to Cleanse and Protect, including instructions

Incense Set to Cleanse and Protect, including instructions




In churches, temples and cathedrals all over the world you’ll find the use of incense and vibrating music. Why? They are cleansing the holy space of people’s worries, pleas and cries for help – the stress
they dump and leave behind.
You can apply the same principles at home where we go to “download” and relax. Trouble is the negative stress ‘download’ can build up over time…have you found that you tend to have arguments or get angry or sad in the same place in the house and laughter in another? Every emotional
response releases emotional energy. Just like the mud on our boots it builds up and often it feels like you are literally moving through mud.
Smoke cleanses a space and the frankinsense, myrhh brings in higher vibrational energy to cleanse and heal and then sandalwood allows you to ground and centre.
Clean up the energy in your home and get the positive energy flowing!
Each Incense Set includes the Cleanse and Protect Process.

2xSets Included in the purchase


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