What’s Your Theme? Part 2

What is Your Vision for 2019?


For your relationship ? Family life? With friends? With yourself?
At work? Financially? Your spiritual life? Your health?


Wondering how You Can Create It? Want to keep the progress growing? Feeling stuck and unchanging?


Or just want to create changes in your life?


Neuroscience tells us that 95% of what you think today you thought yesterday and the day before that. So Think something NEW. That creates new habits when repeated over time create a new lifestyle. One new thought. Then another. Then another toward your new reality.



What’s Your Theme for 2019? Part 2


Haven’t had time to create your Theme for 2019?


Fortunately the brain is hardwired to the cycles of Nature and the Capricorn New Moon this weekend will help. New moons are about setting new goals/ planting the seeds. Capricorn helps us be practical, systematic and pragmatic. By looking at the way things really are, it becomes easier to create plans to make your Vision & Theme of 2019 a reality. Clear the decks, clean out the unfinished business of the past (and the house) and create the future that is right for you.


Then use the energy of Summer to Celebrate, rest and recuperate and have some FUN! Summer is the time to enJOY the rewards of all your Visions of 2018 coming to fruition. You have reviewed what worked and what can be done better. Now your new goals can keep the progress growing!


Need help creating your Vision and Theme of 2019? Read on OR Contact Deb to Book Your Personal Consultation.



Over the last 4 weeks the Breathe newsletter has included exercises to assist you to wrap up 2018 well and create a great start to 2019. If you haven’t received them or can’t find them please email me for a copy.


Many of you have emailed and messaged to tell me The Summer Solstice exercise 3 weeks ago has helped you realise how far you have come this year, and assisted you in leaving the pain of the year behind and take the learnings and growth into the New Year.


2 weeks ago the Spiritual Agenda has started to set your higher vision for 2019.


On the back of that, now is the time for you to create your theme for 2019.


Why set a theme?


The thought of creating New Year Resolutions can feel frustrating, demoralising, passe or a waste of time for so many, so over the last few years I have been asking clients to CHOOSE a Theme for the year ahead.


So what’s Your Theme for 2019?


This is The BIG picture approach to Goal Getting. Your theme will influence your Choices for the year ahead. If you choose to accept this Mission, each decision you make from NOW until December 31, 2019 will be based on your new theme.


Last week’s Breathe included a detailed process to discover your Theme.


This week includes a simple and inspired process to reveal your Theme for 2019 easily.


I received a message from a client during the week with an alternative method to creating their Theme for 2019. She found her favourite pack of cards and messaged me. With her written permission I can share this with you,


“Deb, I picked three cards from Tosha’s deck for 2019.”
“Wow, beautiful. What did you ask of the cards?”
“My theme for 2019. They r so perfect.”



You can use each card as a filter for each choice you make this year. If it passes through the filter it stays. If no fit, it’s a No.


Apply this method to the Theme and test it out for 7 days. You may find it evolves into something else. If so well and good- this is all about finding clarity and focus. Then your Theme for 2019 can do it’s true work.


By defining your theme for 2019 you no longer ‘do for the sake of doing’, your actions become in support of Your and Your Goals.


And that’s the definition of Positive Change.

This IS the start of The Best Day of Your Life So Far.

It is the next step to You Living the Life Meant for You.

So what’s Your Theme for 2019?



Be kind, and True to You.


ps. If you did this exercise for 2018 take it up a notch by reviewing your success with the Theme you selected. What worked? What didn’t work? How could you have made it work more easily, to get better results? Take the learnings into setting your Theme for 2019. EnJOY!