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    Do You Want to Become More Intuitive? To Meet Your Higher Self? To See or Feel Auras? And Stop Feeling Drained by Others? Learn this and SO much More at A Spirited Life. Ask Deb about the Next Workshop

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  • Looking for The Love Of Your Life? Want to Heal Past Loves, Hurts & Grief?

    Ignite Your Heart 1 & Ignite Your Heart 2

    Do You Want Healthy Relationships? Improve the Way You Communicate? To Become Your Own Best Friend? Start living the Life You Love, Doing What You Love, Surrounded by People You Love being Around...a Truly Inspired Life! Next Workshops IYH1 Sunday July 4, 2021 & IYH2 Saturday October 9, 2021

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  • Find Calm, Clarity and Focus...and MORE!

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    7pm - 8pm most Wednesdays. In Person! And By Zoom! Bookings Essential. Contact Deborah for details; In Person $25 casual or $115 pre-paid for 5 weeks/ Zoom $20 casual or $90 pre-paid for 5 weeks. A Client Only event

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  • Feeling Tired? Stuck? Unmotivated?

    Live the Life You are Meant To

    Stressed with Work? Anxious about Relationships? Confused about Your Direction in Life? Contact Deborah to Book an Appointment Now and Live the Life You are Meant to

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  • Live the Life You Are Meant To...A Passionate Life, filled with Love, Commitment & Purpose

    Living Life Passionately 2 day workshop

    Want More Out of Life? Learn Goal Getting techniques to create the work, finances, health and relationships that are meaningful to you. Create a Life that You Love, filled with Commitment and Purpose. A Passionate Life. Next 2 day workshop: Sundays May 30 & June 27, 2021. Email deborah@deborahbeers.com for details or register

    Living Life Passionately
  • Tired of Empty Results from goal setting? Then it's time you come along to

    Masterful Goal Getting

    Time you achieved the life meant for You? The life that fills you up? That makes you bounce out of bed with Purpose? Discover and Explore Your Visions of the life you are meant to be living. Create the strategies and goals to get you there...Become a Masterful Goal Getter! Start to Prepare for the NEW Decade!


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Utilizing her extensive kinesiology training and breadth of experience Deborah will assist you to gently release your mental, emotional and physical patterns and habits that block you from getting to where you want to be.

As a result you will have the ENERGY, CLARITY and MOTIVATION to:

  • Make better choices
  • Create more successful strategies
  • Make positive changes
  • And begin Living the Life you are Meant to

There is an understanding that once our attitude, thoughts and beliefs about life are in support of our wellbeing, the emotional health of an individual will improve and then their physical health.

Every body, every person has their own unique solutions to imbalance and stress. Why? Because we all have our own unique experience of Life.

Kinesiology, particularly Neuro-Training – the type of kinesiology Deborah loves to work with – honours your innate intelligence to find Your unique solutions to stress.

Stress occurs until the brain learns to adapt. This can take moments or years. Think of some of the changes you have experienced in life: moving from childhood to adolescence, moving house, going on a diet, changing jobs or partner, learning new skills – they all incurred stress until you learnt to adapt.

With kinesiology/ neuro-training we are assisting the brain to adapt more easily and to find the most positive change in all circumstances. Positive change is about:

  • Making choices that are in support of you and your goals
  • Seeking better results for the effort you put into Life and
  • Achieving more easily

Sharing these principles, and many others, with her clients in appointments and students in workshops is one of Deborah’s greatest joys and passions in life.

Deborah loves assisting you to find Your solutions to improve your life NOW.

Your experiences with Deborah are ALL about You

For further information or to book an appointment call Deborah on +61 408 600 410 or email deborah@deborahbeers.com

Live the Life you are Meant to…

More meaningfully, easily and productively