Summer Solstice Meditation Special Event

Summer So
lstice Meditation Special Event
This is a Client Only Event on ZOOM

6.30pm – 8pm Wednesday 20 December , 2023

Fee: $35

Includes a process to make the most of the energy of the Summer Solstice and the Meditation.

Bookings Essential: Sms Deborah To Book & Pre-Pay Before 4pm Wednesday 20 December, 2023

The Summer Solstice in ancient societies was the time harvest- the crops had been planted in Spring and nurtured and worked through the Summer until the time they could be harvested. It carries the energy of the fulfilment of goals, visions and aspirations. A time to Celebrate.

Summer Solstice Personal Consultations & Remote Sessions

The Summer Solstice reminds us how far we have come since planting the bulbs (long term goals) deeply in Winter and the seeds (short term goals) in Spring.

The harvest is underway and we are beginning to Celebrate it’s rewards.

Be Present in this as you become aware of what worked, what hasn’t, how you can change your thoughts so things can be done better or differently.

Are you following the values of the outside world or navigating to your heart’s desires, your true north, your purpose?

To make the most of this time, appointments are available a week before and a week after the Solstice on Friday 22 December at 2:27pm aest for Personal Consultations & Remote Sessions

Summer Solstice Appointments are available Saturday 16 December – Saturday 29 December, 2023

Fee: $210 Personal Consultation or Remote Session
New Clients: $225

Bookings Essential: PM/ Email/Sms/ Call Deb To Book

I look forward to sharing with you this intense time of celebration, transformation and renewal.

To Book: Email Deborah or Call/sms +61408 600 410