The Last of Autumn


My cottage garden filled with flowering ground cover and borders, my garden of 9 years was destroyed last Tuesday by gardeners who misunderstood real estate instructions of ” Never touch the garden. Only mow the lawns”.


All the plants that I raised from scratch are gone except the larger plants that were kept. A pure clean out, only the soil remained. Everything else has gone and couldn’t be saved. I was devasted. Sobbed. Then realised it was helping me to grieve all the losses Life brings.


My gift from The Garden.


The garden and lawn were a sand pit when I started and finished in full form this summer. So it went out with a flourish!


I did it for the love of it, for the doing, to help heal and connect the residents. And me. Which it has done.


Now for the New Cycle to begin.


I’ve been hearing similar stories from clients over the last month and realised they too were taking advantage of this incredibly powerful Scorpio Full Moon in the last stage of Autumn to heal.


So I did what they were doing and saw my kinesiologist. Thank goodness. Things would have been a lot messier!


Many of you have been taking advantage of the Autumn energy, consciously and unconsciously, to acknowledge, clear out and release any old habits, relationship/ health/ money/ self worth patterns to create room for the new and better habits. Including any guilt, shame or blame that comes up that blocks the ability to thrive.


Autumn is the season in Chinese medicine and kinesiology to clean up the lungs and large intestine energy by clearing out the grief and guilt. We are all doing it to varying degrees.


As we move toward the end of Autumn at the Winter Solstice 18-22 June the last big waves of grief and guilt are now surfacing so revisit the Breathe newsletter sent early in Autumn and also the Autumn Equinox Exercise and let it go.


Many clients have been contacting me about their coughs and cold/ flu like symptoms. These too can be symptoms of grief. “Get off your chest” what you need to, kindly of course. Support the large intestine health and get things moving to release it.


When you let it go your filter on life changes. You become clearer.


Time to rest too.


Many are reporting lives on hyper-drive with expectations and demands ever-increasing. This sends your body and brain into high adrenal mode, affects your ability to sleep well, which affects your ability to recuperate at night so you have the energy to apply the learnings and do it all again, better, tomorrow.


Headholding and Breathing helps to slow the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, and connect the cerebral brain with the enteric brain, so you can start to step out of survival mode and into your Vision of Thriving. So Headhold and breathe to find Calm, Clarity and Focus.


HHB before sleep, if you wake during the night and again in the morning. Make an appointment with yourself on your phone diary 3 or 4 times during your daily busyness. Gradually retrain your brain to slipstream through your day rather than letting your adrenals take over and keep you anxious and panicked. HHB also helps you to receive a deeper meditation space, to be present before driving, meetings, exams, coming home to the family. The more often you do it the more regularly you are re-training your brain out of anxiety/ reacting/ survival mode so you can Be Present, enJOY your life and Thrive.


Next, find your happy place… the place your love to go to because it instantly calms you, reminds you who you truly are, that opens your mind and heart to new possibilities.


Rest in comfort in the last of the Autumn sun’s warmth. Water. Nourish. Nurture.


Then look for the Gratitude. All the moments of grief are also reminders of what you were given, how you are loved and healed. As you release the grief you create space to heal on an even deeper level, to make space for the new, in whatever form it arrives, at the right time in the right way for you.

Be kind, and True to you,