Nurturing Meditation Special Event

6.30pm – 8pm Wednesday May 8, 2019
Booking Essential
Booking confirmed on receipt of payment by Friday May 3, 2019

Each year around Mothers’ Day I have run a special meditation class to assist you to heal yourself and your relationship with your Mum and learn to nurture yourself the way you wanted to be mothered.

Many of the clients I see in clinic give a lot in all parts of their lives and forget to support and nurture themselves. This meditation is for you too.

Others also want a better relationship with their mother. It is important to remember it’s impossible for anyone, including mothers, to give all and Be All to another person, fulfilling ALL their wants and needs. We are all human.

The best way to heal this complex relationship is to heal your relationship with yourself by mothering and nurturing yourself the way you want/ed to be mothered and nurtured.

Write a list of all the things you thought your mother “should have” done for you, and one by one start to do them for yourself, eg. Wanted to be listened to, cuddled and feel safe? Create a beautiful space in your lounge or bedroom, make yourself a cuppa and write down what you would like to tell your mother, then imagine what you would like to hear. Give yourself a hug. A BIG hug. Now you have started the process….

Call or Email Deborah to BOOK.

It would be great to see you!

Each year it’s wonderful to see the group shift so much stress around their mothering, release the patterns of overwork and whipping themselves  AND begin to see their own worth and nurture them selves. This meditation is loved by all and great for everyone.

And remember, where you are in life is only by choice. Your choice. Make it positive and in support of you.

In 2010 we recorded a version of the meditation and put it to CD (which you may have already received free) and on MP3, so click Here and share it with all those around you, especially those that need to learn to nurture themselves.