Tools and Techniques

The following resources are a guide only. Find what resonates with you and discard the rest!

Tools and Techniques

Deborah’s Quick Destress PDF


Deborah’s Nurturing/ Mothers Day Meditation Nuturing Meditation (Link)

Learn to nurture and mother yourself with this 30 minute meditation. Deborah would like to sincerely thank Robin Miller of Sedona, Arizona, USA, for generously donating the music from his CD The Heart of Love, played behind Deborah’s voice in this MP3. And special thanks to Andrew Verity, Geraldine Gallagher, Michael Tamura, James Van Praagh, Chris Howard and Paul McKenna for their influences on this guided meditation.


Deborah’s Space Cleanse Technique PDF


Cheryl Richardson’s 8 Questions PDF


Change Your Life in 7 days

Listen to this 30 minute MP3 to relax your mind and refocus toward health, success and happiness. At times you may sleep through this, other times you will listen right through. Either way it works! AND 30 minutes of meditation is the equivalent to 3 hours sleep. Start with once a day for 7 days then anytime after that.


More Inspiration

Favourite Movies | Top 5 Movies | Top 5 Brilliant Oldies | Music as Inspiration! | Old Inspiration! | Movie Soundtracks | Meditation Music | Reading List | Heroes | Links


Favourite Movies
All have a running theme: learn to live life with passion: love, commitment and purpose. Enjoy!


Top 5 Movies
The World’s Fastest Indian
As It Is In Heaven
Ballet Russe
Out of Africa


Top 5 Brilliant Oldies
It’s a Wonderful Life (1946): a reminder that our life deeply changes and affected those around us, simply because we are there. James Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore.


Wizard of Oz (1939) one of the most metaphysical movies ever made and state of the art special effects (remember, it was made in 1939). JudyGarland, Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger, Bert Lahr, Jack Haley.


Harvey (1950): a delightful movie filled with gentle examples to treat everyone with kindness, regardless how “different” they may be. James Stewart


To Kill a Mockingbird (1962): a lesson in integrity Gregory Peck


Music as Inspiration!
Viva La Vida by Coldplay
You Get What You Give by New Radicals
Bring It All Back to You by S Club 7
Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson
Welcome to Wherever You Are by Bon Jovi
How Far We’ve Come by Matchbox 20
One Step at Time by Jordan Sparks
You Will Find Your Way by Abby Dobson


Old Inspiration!
Over the Rainbow any version from Judy Garland to Eva Cassidy
Ordinary Miracles by Barbra Streisand
Affirmation by Savage Garden
Imagine by John Lennon
Ode to Joy by Beethoven
Nessun dorma by Puccini
I have Confidence from the Sound of Music


Movie Soundtracks: change your mindset completely!
Out of Africa


Meditation Music
Robin Miller especially ” A Journey into Light”
Barry Goldstein
Stephen Halpern

Reading List

Mending the Mind, Minding the Body by Dr. Joan Borysenko
You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale
Healing Your Emotions by Angela Hicks & John Hicks


Mind/Life Skills
How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
I Could Do Anything, If Only I Knew What It Was by Barbara Sher
Life Makeover by Cheryl Richardson
Life Strategies by Dr. Phillip McGraw
First Things First by Stephen R.Covey, A. Roger Merrill, Rebecca R. Merrill
Mastering Flow by Geraldine Gallagher


Money Mindset
The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason
The Courage to Be Rich by Suze Orman
Rich Women by Kim Kiyosaki
Turning Passions into Profits by Christopher Howard


The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff
Your Soul’s Compass by Dr. Joan Borysenko and Dr. Gordon Dveirin
Soul Stories by Gary Zukav
The Heart of the Soul by Gary Zukav
Kitchen Table Wisdom by Rachael Naomi Ramen
Essences of Change by Geraldine Gallagher
The Theft of the Spirit by Carl Hammerschlag
The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz
Living in the Light by Shakti Gawain
Memories, Dreams, Reflections by C.G.Jung
The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity by Daniel Reid


Heaven and Earth by James Van Praagh
Healing Grief by James Van Praagh
The Lightworkers’ Way by Dr Doreen Virtue
Energy Anatomy by Dr. Caroline Myss
Chakra Clearing by Dr. Doreen Virtue
My Life as a Medium by Betty Shine


Those who are sufficiently curious and motivated to step beyond what is accepted as true to find new truths, and new and better ways of living daily, for their own benefit and then pass on the gifts to those around them….


My Clients


Andrew Verity, creator of Neuro-Training ( aka Educating Alternatives) stream of kinesiology
The grandfather’s of kinesiology
Dr. Joan Borysenko
Louise Hay
Cheryl Richardson
James Van Praagh
Dr. Phillip McGraw
Dr. Doreen Virtue
Norman Vincent Peale, Dale Carnegie and Shirley Maclaine whose books introduced me ( at 11 years of age) to worlds beyond what I had been raised to know and who inspired 30+ years of research through psychology, astrology, metaphysics, the Tao, the chakra systems and lead me to the power of the mind-spirit connection in healing.




Australian Kinesiology Association

Neuro Training

Educational Kinesiology



Good Resources

Essences of Change
Adyar Bookshop

Hay House books


Mind/ Body Health

Joan Borysenko Mind Body Health

Paul McKenna

Cheryl Richardson



James Van Praagh
Michael Tamura