Autumn Equinox Meditation Special Events & Sessions

Autumn Equinox Events 2023

The Autumn Equinox, in the southern hemisphere March 17- 25, 2023 is an excellent time for your next Session with Deb and to attend the Annual Autumn Equinox Meditation Special Event

Autumn is the season to let go of the deadwood and the outmoded in Your life so you can continue to grow, to move along Your own path, toward Your Vision for Your Life.

Resources drop away when they are no longer in support of Your Vision. In the letting go the old ways of relating and Doing, Life can change, evolve, step up in a way that cannot happen when we hold on.

This is a natural part of the cycles of life, yet we hang on, hold tightly to people, habits and ways of thinking that we have outgrown…and struggle with maintaining something where the energy has dropped out.

The Annual Autumn Equinox Meditation Special Event includes a process then meditation to assist you to let go of the old outmoded relationships, habits and thoughts that keep you stuck in the past and assist you to find the energy to create the Life YOU are meant to live.

Coogee: 6.30pm -8pm Wednesday March 22, 2023

Client Only event: for past & current clients

Fee: $35 includes zoom recording to keep forever.

Bookings are confirmed by receipt of payment

Call/ SMS Deb on 0408 600 410 or


Sms Deborah to Book & Pre-Pay before 2pm Wednesday March 22, 2023

Autumn Equinox Personal Consultations & Remote Sessions

Appointments available across Friday 17- Saturday 25 March, 2023.

Book Your Autumn Equinox Session in Office or Remote at the best time for You! Sms Deb to Book

Be lighter, clearer & ready to transform… it’s the energy of the Autumn Equinox.

The Autumn Equinox is the time to evaluate what is in or out of balance in all parts of Life.

To create or find balance in your Life from the inside out.

Envision &  Create a Positive Life that is in support of you, your heart’s desire and your goals.

Sound good? Sms Deb to Book your Autumn Equinox Session and/or Special Event Meditation.

Remember to Book Your Autumn Equinox Annual Meditation Special Event 6.30pm-8pm Wednesday March 22, on zoom $35.

Busy or otherwise committed at this time? All Meditation Bookings include a recording to keep forever. Sms Deb to Book & Pre-Pay.

Looking forward to enjoying the benefits of the Equinox with You!