Autumn Equinox Meditation & Special Events

Autumn Equinox Special Events 2021

Client Only events

Autumn Equinox Meditation
Coogee: 6.30pm -8pm Wednesday March 17, 2021
Gold Coast: 6.30pm -8pm Saturday March 20, 2021
Fee: $35

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“The Emperor and the sage walked into the equinox of the fall. And the sage told him it is time for the leaves to fall, for the season to begin to go to sleep. It is time for all things to come to an end. It is the time, the cycle, of all livingness. Not only does this time mean that the individual should relax, they should review; but they should maintain their strength, in the time or to the time of their passing. It is time where things are re-fertilised, where trees go back to the earth, where animals stock their homes. It is time of refurbishing, of rebuilding, of shaking off the old, so the new can come forward within the winter. It is a time of great growth, for there is always over-amount of growth when you begin to cut away the dead wood….It is a time of great rejoicing within, for you have, in essence, completely refurbished your body. You usually find yourself in a place where a lot of old things can fall away. And where new begins to fall into your life, the right way.”

– Quote from The Elements of Man, Chung Fu/ Marshall Lever

Autumn is the season to let go of the deadwood and the outmoded in Your life so you can continue to grow, to move along Your own path, toward Your Vision for Your Life.

Resources drop away when they are no longer in support of Your Vision. In the letting go the old ways of relating and Doing, Life can change, evolve, step up in a way that cannot happen when we hold on. This is a natural part of the cycles of life, yet we hang on, hold tightly to people, habits and ways of thinking that we have outgrown…and struggle with maintaining something where the energy has dropped out.

The Autumn Equinox Meditation will assist you to let go of the old outmoded relationships, habits and thoughts that keep you stuck in the past and assist you to find the energy to create the Life YOU are meant to live.

Looking forward to enjoying the benefits of the Equinox with You!