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Ignite Your Heart Workshop

Open Your heart to a life filled with love, doing what you love, surrounded by those you love being around. A truly inspired life!

Ignite Your Heart Grads said…..

“ Ignite Your Heart opens you up, to step up to the next level, great resources to be the person you truly are”

“ Everybody would benefit from this workshop regardless! Very informative, helpful, life changing”

Ignite Your Heart is an “eye opener and makes you think about what you want and where you have been in the past.”

“ Gives ways and techniques to improve yourself and relationships while feeling you are ok.”

NEW! Ignite Your Heart 2022 

2 hour class

Coogee: 10am-12noon Sunday August 7,2022
Goldie: 10am-12noon Sunday September 11, 2022

A new member has arrived in the Ignite Your Heart family!

The past few years have changed the way we think, feel, communicate & Connect.

Ignite Your Heart 2022 is a class to help you to
Create the Connection, Communication & Relationships to help You Thrive.

Using kinesiology & other tools & processes to help You:

Grow Your Self Love
Strengthen Your Boundaries
Empaths & Narcissists
Heal Yourself from the inside out
Learn to Listen to Your Intuition

Ignite Your Heart 2022 helps you integrate & apply the learnings of this time.

Create the Connection, Communication & Relationships to help You Thrive.
$60 incl. Notebook, etc

Ignite Your Heart 2022 Class
Especially for Now
2 hour Class
A Client Only Class

Email/ Sms/whatsapp/Call Deborah to Book & Pre-Pay $60

Next Online Workshop: TBA

Next LIVE Ignite Your Heart 1 workshop @ Coogee: TBA

Fee: $199.50

Early Bird Fee: $149.50 Finishes 2 weeks before


” I have just completed the Ignite Your Heart Online Workshop with Deb last month. I have done a couple of these in the past in person and I was curious how it was going to work online and it was just as great!  During lockdown I have found it hard to have any time to myself and lost a sense of myself. I felt like I have been constantly looking for distraction and looking outside of myself for comfort.  After the workshop, I felt a sense of calm and felt comfortable in my own skin. I felt at peace to just sit.  My relationship with my husband and daughter has improved too with better communication and a happier more harmonious life in lockdown!  I would recommend this workshop to anyone- especially in these times” Christina

Ignite Your Heart Opens Your Heart to a life filled with love, doing what you love, surrounded by those you love being around. A truly inspired life!

Make Your Heart Sing!
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NEXT Ignite Your Heart 2  workshop: TBA

Venue: Deb’s Offices at Coogee

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Sms +61408 600 410

Email deborah@deborahbeers.com

Ignite Your Heart is designed to help you heal & improve your relationship with yourself & your role as the Nurturer.

Stop feeling drained and find the energy for You, your projects, your hopes & dreams.

Improve your ability to receive wholeheartedly, open your heart to a Life filled with love, doing what you love, surrounded by those you love being around.

Bring Your BFF and Gal Pals, family, friends!

Connect, Play & ENJOY a heart-filling, nourishing day!

Come join us at Ignite Your Heart! Book NOW!
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Pay just $100 deposit to secure your place

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Ignite Your Heart 1 day Workshop

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Xeniya describes Ignite Your Heart 1 as a..

Tool to help find peace within yourself

Mary commented,

Ignite Your Heart helps people enable their journey to truly find love in their hearts. It helps you look inward, it helps you see what’s holding you back and then it will have some shifting effect on your awareness of love.

Rachael said,

I think it is a useful workshop to release deep issues and to give you the tools to start liking the person you are.

One of the Top 5 reasons clients make appointments to see me is to work on their Relationships:

  • To find a loving, healthy relationship
  • To improve the relationships they have
  • To know themselves better
  • To learn to communicate better, and
  • To relate to life better –to get more out of life

Sound familiar?

In response to this, I launched Ignite Your Heart …it’s a topic that is dear to my heart….

Helping You to make Your Heart SING!



Ignite your heart workshop is exactly what the title suggests, it is an amazing workshop that teaches you the skills to connect with your true self, to give you the confidence to change old patterns and to become the authentic person that makes you live with purpose and love. It also helps improve, deepen and enhance relationships both with yourself and others and gives great insight to the limitations we place on ourselves.

Ignite Your Heart is designed to assist you to open your heart to a life filled with love, doing what you love, surrounded by those you love being around. A truly inspired life!

To attract and create healthy relationships, with healthy boundaries and the love You want in your life, what I’ve found is:

1. You get what you ask for: just like in all parts of your life- consciously or unconsciously.
So if you want a truly loving relationship and more love in your life NOW is the time to find your glitches to finding it and DO something about it!

2. To change your relationships, change the way you communicate: Learn how you are sabotaging the relationships you want and learn to communicate your truth easily.

Using a wealth of kinesiology/ neuro-training and lots of FUN energetic techniques, this workshop will help you:

  • Clean up old relationships
  • Clear out old lovers (and friends) so you can attract the intimate relationship you desire
  • Polish and upgrade your current relationships
  • Create the quality relationships you want
  • Connect with your truth, ask for what you want, communicate who you are



An insightful workshop for identifying relationship issues than can be impacting in a less than positive way in life, and learning how to clear the stress and drama so that you can develop more meaningful and positive relationships.

Ignite Your Heart will give you the tools and techniques to use in and after the workshop to create healthy communication and the healthy relationships you want, by finding your unique solutions.

And, you will find from this workshop experience, when you create a healthy relationship with yourself, you find you are happier, calm and present with healthy self esteem, living the life You are meant to.

Your relationships change as a result of this- for the better!

So come join us at Ignite Your Heart! Book NOW!

Contact Deborah with Questions or to Book

To Book:
Pay just $100 deposit to secure your place

To Book: email deborah@deborahbeers.com or call/ sms 0408 600 410 Deborah

About Ignite Your Heart 2

Do You Want to…

Release MORE blocks preventing you from creating happy, health, love-filled, inspired, connected relationships.

Create a richer, more meaningful Life filled with Love, taking your communication, connection and relationships ( with yourself and others) to a new depth, truth and clarity.

Release blame and create a place for each of your relationships to heal and grow…starting with yourself then each of your relationships with others.

Create a life filled with Love, an inspired Life … and a whole lot of FUN!

Then IYH2 is for You.

This stand alone workshop offers something for everyone!

IYH Grads and NEW students to IYH alike

Ask Deb for details or Contact Deb to Book

Grad? Repeat for HALF PRICE!

Students revisiting workshops report they took their learnings to a whole new level. You can too!

Call/sms/email Deb to reserve your space ASAP

To Enrol: Click on Book and Pay Online Button on this page or email/call/sms Deborah for details

Gold Coast and Melbourne: Contact Deborah for details for next workshop dates

For further information, schedule of workshops or to book please contact Deborah deborah@deborahbeers.com

More Testimonials

Jodie said last year…

Deb, I just wanted to say I got so much out of the IYH classes. I got to clear so much stuff. I also learnt a lot about myself and what wasn’t working for me. My communication has improved and I now know what I want and able to express it!! I loved that I got to do the course as weekly classes, it enabled me to work on the exercises through out the week and come back to class and share or ask questions. The weekly course is very beneficial!!

Then emailed again in August 2012 adding to her previous comments, saying how much benefit others can receive from Ignite Your Heart:

IYH is all about communication, communication, communication! the tools/lessons I got during IYH1 & IYH2 have had been a profound effect on all my relationships! Most importantly, I am now engaged and loving every moment of my relationship and owe it all to direct, honest, compassionate & loving communication my partner and I share.

Last year Samala, just after becoming engaged, wrote:

Ignite Your Heart is one of the best things I’ve done for myself.. Future, past and present !! Thank you Deb for sharing the love. My world wouldn’t be the same without having shared with you xx

Isn’t it time to Make Your Heart SING?

Learn HOW to bring in healthy relationships, create healthy boundaries and the love you want in your life.

Then it’s time to Ignite Your Heart!

MORE of What They Are Saying about Ignite Your Heart



Hi Deb, Thanks so much for the IYH workshop over the last month. It was an opportunity for me to reflect and assess where I was within my relationships. You then provided the tools for ongoing healing of those relationships, to move forward in a positive light. Cheers



Necessary for everyone as we all have sadness, loss and pain from past relationships and events which stop us from moving forward or create a pattern of negative thinking and behaviour.

Previous Ignite Your Heart workshops have booked out 3 weeks in advance so be quick to reserve your space! Contact Deb to Book. For more information visit Deb’s website CLICK Here

Here’s what Tiffany said after Ignite Your Heart  Gold Coast:

Hi Deb, Since Ignite Your Heart, so much has shifted in my life. Personal and negative taunts to me by me of not being good enough has been replaced with “I am deserving of a better life.” When I see myself about to walk and talk with an old pattern, I imagine Deb saying. Is that working for you Tiff?, I can HH and breathe and respond. Or after I realise I’ve jumped into a pattern I can stop for minute and ask again. “Did that work for you Tiff?” Kick starts me immediately. Also, I was in a relationship that was stale, routine and I was afraid to receive love. I started to change and realised I deserved more and I was wasting my time waiting to be loved. Where in fact I was already loved. I was sitting in fear of what might happen. I asked that magical Deb statement, is that working for you Tiff? Ah no it’s not so I had to change. My relationship is honest and I realise I’m worthy to give and receive love equally. Also my partner and I have just bought a business and he has completely changed. It’s like I wrote my partner description down and someone is reading my list out loud as its all coming true. Thanks Deb you have made me really ask that question, is it working for you Tiff? That is pattern and life changing. 🙂 x

Do You want to Open Your heart to a life filled with love, doing what you love, surrounded by those you love being around. A truly inspired life!

Then NOW is the time to call/email/sms Deborah to reserve your space and come join us at Ignite Your Heart!