Kinesiology for Kids

K4K: Kinesiology for Kids

K4K helps children to be more centred, calm and happy. To be their true selves. Especially designed for children, K4K is a fun and effective way to help make learning and Life easier.

Call Deborah today… if she isn’t the best person to assist your child she will recommend someone who is.

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“It didn’t even cross my mind that my 5 year old son would benefit from seeing Deb as I just didn’t realise that kinesiology would be so relevant for kids. Deb thankfully mentioned it in passing to me and my son now not only loves to see Deb but is now reminding family, friends and I how to stay balanced and happy. He now calls himself the master of happiness and head holds and breathes regularly and ultimately has increased focus and immunity. Brilliant. Thanks Deb x”


Children set up the same emotional/ mental/ physical and energetic as adults and are less attached to keeping them…so they shift their stress and their habits, moods and other ‘defence patterns’ often a whole lot more easily and quickly.


Children can exhibit all sorts of patterns that can reveal themselves as travel sickness, bedwetting, biting/tantrums, emotional/energetic sensitivity and sleeping problems other times it can create problems at school….lack of focus, difficulty with comprehension, memory storage and recall, or making/ keeping friends and fears of failing/ succeeding. And we work with all of this in clinic to create happy, healthy, balanced children. All great reasons to make an appointment.


Over the years I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with some remarkable little people from in-utero through to babies, toddlers, infants, pre-school and school kids, teenagers and those prepping for the HSC.


Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your children is to show them how to look after themselves by looking after yourself. As Pene emailed:


“Thanks to Deborah’s work, at times of low energy I have found a renewed vitality and hence commitment to mothering myself and my children. I am always grateful for Deb’s acceptance of children being present as I usually have my two girls in tow who I know benefit by seeing my change. The sessions have allowed each of our family members to individually be supported through a process of change and setting healthy coping strategies. The practical grounding of Deborah’s work agrees with our ideas of being present – in life, in our family and within ourselves.”