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What we do in Personal Consultations we do in Remote Sessions…while you are at home, at work or in the car. Where ever You are!

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Whether you are looking for my services as a Consultant, Spiritual Guide, Mentor or Facilitator using my skills as a Kinesiologist, Neuro-Trainer or Intuitive I am even MORE inspired, committed and purposeful as I was over 25 years ago to guide you to connect with Your Heart, Your Spirit and Life Purpose so You Can Learn to Live the Life You are Meant to. A Life that is meaningful to You, BEing Your Authentic Self.

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Your Appointment with Deborah is ALL about You

Reasons to book an appointment with Deborah. Are You feeling:

  • anxious or overwhelmed by the uncertainty or constant change?
  • stressed, depressed or unmotivated? worrying a lot?
  • Are you having trouble sleeping?
  • Do you want to look at your Life differently?
  • Are you experiencing relationship problems or difficulty at work?
  • Do you want more out of Life?
  • Are you wondering why you were born?

As a result you will have the ENERGY, CLARITY and MOTIVATION to

  • Make better choices
  • Create more successful strategies
  • Make positive changes
  • And begin Living the Life you are Meant to

Deborah loves assisting you to find Your solutions to improve your life NOW. Utilizing her extensive kinesiology training and breadth of experience she will assist you to release your mental, emotional and physical patterns and habits that block you from getting to where you want to be.

Then you will have the energy and clarity to create strategies toward living the Life you are meant to live.

Personal Consultations or Remote Session Fees

1.5 hour Initial Consultation $225

1.5 hour Personal Consultation or Remote Session $210

2 hour deeper spiritual Personal Consultations $260

Bottles of Essences/ Drops: $15

Goal Packs for Clients

Focus on a particular goal that has been elusive and Goal Get!
Share with the family or

Make consistent appointments to make Consistent Progress!
What You Focus on Grows.

Multi-Session Goal Packs for Clients

Buy 5 x $210 Follow Up Consultations Pre-Paid Pack $1050

Multi-Session Packs: $997

You Save $53!

Valid for 12 months from date of purchase.
Email/sms Deb to Order your Multi-Session Pack.

About Remote Sessions

Too Busy? or Can’t get into Deb’s ? Book a Remote Session!

For over 25 years 20% of Deborah’s clients have regularly booked Remote Sessions because they are local and too busy, unwell or ‘over the traffic’ to come in to the Office.

Or too far away …Interstate and International clients.

NOW All Clients can enJOY the benefits of a Remote Session with Deb!

How does it work?

Described as ” like a power-packed espresso version” of Your Personal Consultation the results are “amazing”. So if you are time poor, unwell, tired or been thinking ” I’ve gotta go see Deb”, ask Deb today.

To Experience your 1st Remote Session

First email Deborah to make an appointment time for the Remote Feedback Session via whatsapp advising Deborah where in the world you are, how old you are and what you are expecting from the session.

Deborah will respond to your email with further details and offering you appointment times suitable to your time zone.

When your appointment time is agreed upon, Deborah emails a New Client Form for you to complete and return with invoice Pre-Payment 2 days before your appointment, to confirm your appointment.

You can also add a “Download” email. The email helps you put words to your thoughts and feelings, a kind of “dumping” onto the page – very cathartic – especially when you “send” and let it go.

The email can cover what’s happening in your life at the moment, where you are headed and what’s stopping you or slowing you down.

Most importantly, please include your Desired Outcomes from your Session, what it is you want from your Session and how you imagine yourself feeling when that happens.

Many clients find writing & deleting or writing, printing & ripping/ shredding/ burning the Download or Dump email helpful to creating & sending their Desired Outcome email instead.

Please ask Deborah if you have any questions.

Deborah will then invoice you for your Session to Pay (as above) in AUD for the appointment 2 days before your appointment by Paypal/ credit card or by direct deposit into an Australian bank account.

Once Your “Dump” email & payment is received, Deborah can then get to work for your 30-45 minute Feedback session via phone or whatsapp.

Deborah will call/ whatsapp you at the agreed time so you can receive the consultation feedback and outcome.

Please email with any further questions or to book your Remote Session with Deborah Now

Remote Session Testimonials


Zurich, Switzerland, Client, LLP Grad 2006, ASL Grad 2005

I used to see Deb regularly when I lived in Sydney and it was always the highlight of my week. When we left Australia and moved overseas I was thrilled to find out she also does remote sessions. I am pleased to share they are equally powerful and effective – and I don’t even have to leave the house! I can highly recommend a remote session to anyone who needs a top-up while away from home or if you just don’t have time to come into the clinic, you will be amazed at what can be accomplished!


Brisbane,QLD, Client, LLP Grad 2010, IYH Grad 2013

Deb’s remote sessions are brilliant, informative and clears alot of blocks.I feel clearer, happy and relaxed after my sessions. Deb is caring, professional and thorough.


Singapore / Client

“I look forward to each Skype session as I know it is another layer being lifted to slowly reveal my true self. This work is one of the most important decisions I have made to be truly free of the past and all that holds me back from being who I truly am.”


LA, USA, Client and LLP Grad 2010

I have lived in LA for the past 4 years and have been a client of Debs for 7 years now, working with Deb regularly both in clinic and remotely. I really don’t know how she does it, or how it works but I achieve great results through my remote sessions. It’s really nice to be able to be so far away and still receive the benefits of a session. They always steer me in the right direction in helping me create a happier healthier future.

Emma M

Katherine, NT, Client and LLP Grad 2006 & 2010,ASL Grad 2005

Remote sessions with Deb are like a fast forward version of in clinic sessions. They are just as effective and insightful and get results. It is comforting to know I can still benefit from kinesiology and Debs expertise from wherever I am.


Chicago, USA, Client and LLP Student 2009

It is amazing to think that someone (Deborah) from halfway around the world can ground you and help eliminate the stuff in your universe. I have experienced and overcome very challenging times in my life thanks to the work Deborah helped me achieve. My life is in a place of comfort, even in challenging times, with the tools she has provided.

K4K: Kinesiology for Kids

K4K helps children to be more centred, calm and happy. To be their true selves. Especially designed for children, K4K is a fun and effective way to help make learning and Life easier.

Read More…

Call Deborah today… if she isn’t the best person to assist your child she will recommend someone who is.

Chakra Balance Consultations

Feeling heavy? Consumed by thoughts and feelings of others?
Feeling drained?

Want to be Lighter, Brighter and Clearer?

Let go of the negativity energy & step into the Flow?

Book a Chakra Balance with Deb and clear away everything that is slowing you down

1 hour Chakra Consultation $210

Express Personal Consultations

Want to Visit Deb in the Office?

Love your sessions, but can’t find the time?
Are you always too busy running around for others, and can’t do anything nice for you?

Look after yourself!

Achieve everything you want in a condensed express 1 hr session $210

Executive  Consultations –  
Your Unique Advantage!
What every Executive wants!

Take yourself and your career to the next level, whilst being authentic and true to you.

Designed specifically for those wanting to accelerate their career.

I have been testing and honing these sessions for over a decade.

Intense Performance Excellence Neuro-training Kinesiology $295
Special Offer for current clients – $260

Book Your Remote Express Consult to fit into your lunch hour

Make Time for You
Become lighter, happier, clear on your purpose.
Discover the energy and strategies to keep the progress growing.
Call/ sms/ PM/ whatsapp/ email Deb to Book Your Personal Consultation or Remote Session soon.

Testimonials…The benefits from a consultation with Deborah


QLD, Client and LLP Grad 2010, ASL Grad 2010, 2011

Hi Deb, I take writing a reference or making a recommendation very seriously. I am encouraging people to spend there money and time doing something and I need to believe with my whole heart that there is complete value for others. With Deb I am able to make this recommendation easily. I crossed Deb path after a referral from my sister. I needed answers. Events had occurred in my life that I could not get explanations for… The death of my father(17) problems that come from the centre of the family dying, 9 years in the police service, wife dying of cancer, and attacks from people who should have protected me had led me to a point where I was questioning everything about life and my direction. Because of the baggage I had carted around I was in a relationship that was not good. I was loosing my way, focus, direction and desire for life. I was emotionally drained. I had gone from a man that could not sit still, who worked fulltime in the Police Service and then ran a dairy farm as well. I was driven and focused, sometime too much, but nothing ever seemed impossible to me. I was now at an opposite point with still no answers to the question that had bounced around my head for years. I really had no idea what Deb did before I saw her. I trust my sister and she said it would answer questions. So with an open heart and mind and a desire for change (what I was doing wasn’t working for me) I went to an appointment. I have to be completely honest with people and say that I don’t fully understand what Deb does, or how she does it but I know it works. For me results count. I feel she plants seeds and opens pathways that allow and assist me in overcoming challenges that I have. Sometimes like a seed they take time to germinate, but if you do the work the reward and results are yours. For me the undeniable proof of Deb’s success came about a month after an appointment. I have had ongoing challenges with my mother, particularly after my father died. I was at a point where if she spoke, came into the room or was coming over to my house I would get tense. In a short period of time, instantly, I would have to leave the room. The tension would build up inside and there was no release. This changed with Deb. Now my mother is still the same, but my response had changed. The blockage that would not allow the frustration to leave me has gone. Proof of this is the fact that after this appointment I invited her over for Mother’s Day. Deb can highlight who much of a change this is. I did not get stressed, the energy just flowed through me. She did the same things she always does, I just got a different result. For me results count and with Deb there are results. Since then I have attended workshops, Living Life Passionately and ASL (see Glen’s comments on these pages) What I get from Deb is inner strength. Wholeness, Purpose, Direction. You know when you are going in the right direction your confidence comes from within and you don’t need to ask for others opinions, that’s what I get in bucket loads. Deb doesn’t waffle or send you on a Easter egg hunt. She understand that you are investing in yourself and you need a return. Direct steps, action plans, understanding yet honesty, commitment to your life success. It may sound like I am on commission sales, but I can not explain to you the difference Deb has made in me. And this benefits my children. Growth in me is a great model for them. Open your minds and heart and take a step on faith. For me it has made a huge difference to my life and I truly believe if you are wanting change, answers or issues resolved you can get what you need from Deb.

Saffrine Nydegger

Photographer, Sydney, NSW, Australia

After one session with Deb I was hooked and have continued over the past couple of years. Her laughter is infectious, her personality a scream and her manner always calm and courageous. The amazing thing is you see her when the time is always perfect for you that is another one of Deb’s gifts, capturing the perfection and trusting it. Being in Deb’s sessions has made me feel, think and connect again with my abundance of dreams, my body, how I look and feel and my emotions no matter how erratic, I now have the tools to connect to calming my mind and body. Thanks Deb and look forward to the next session.

Alison Nancye

Author / Sydney, NSW Australia

What I love about working with Deb is that I get so much from every session, infact, I feel like I could write a testimonial for Deb every time I have a session with her. Deb’s Kinesiology work helps to support me in Mind, Body AND Spirit. Something new and wonderful comes in to my life as a result of all my sessions with Deb. If you’ve had a session with Deb, you know what I’m talking about, it’s unexplainably sublime work that Deb does. Whatever your focus – health, vitality, relationships, children, wealth, purpose, dreams, you name it, Deb is a fantastic health and wellbeing professional to choose… Deb really is incredibly gifted at the work she does. If you want a premium Kinesiologist to support you living a great life, Deborah Beers is the only person I would recommend.. If you haven’t had a session with Deb, then you are genuinely missing out. The proof is in your own tasting and your own experience with Deb. Every session with Deb is worth the investment I make. I encourage you to invest in your Mind, Body and Spirt and try Deb out for yourself, for you too will know what I’m talking about when you do. Deborah Beers – I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!

Roslyn Ronning

Managing Director / C-Change Potential Pty Ltd, Chatswood NSW Australia

Hi Deb, more than happy to recommend you to anyone I know. In fact I already have done so on a number of occasions – not sure if anyone has followed up but I am out there singing your praises.

Jocelyn of Bronte

Clarity. Ability to deal with and recognize stressors and then overcome and defeat them. Insight and strategy. Energy. Sustainability and vision for action.

12-year old Isabella

Deb has relieved my stress and makes me feel more comfortable with myself at times. I lost my grandfather but feel when I’m at Deb’s I have a strong connection with him. She gives me someone to tell problems to and I trust her.


A deepening of the relationship I have with myself; increased self awareness and focus; clarity on my direction; discovering the benefits of presence and being/ living in the present moment. Since working with Deb I am currently posted o/s doing a job I would never have thought I was capable of. So much has changed since I started coming to see Deb.


/ ex-Randwick resident

I have undergone positive internal change which has in turn changed every area of my life. My confidence and self esteem has improved, which has improved my career options (now working on a beautiful tropical island), my relationship is more committed, more loving, more fun, my relationships with family members and friends are more healthy and less draining.


I have learnt better techniques for concentrating, calming myself, focusing on being happier and healthier. Everytime I see Deb I learn more. Doing/ performing meditation for the first time was a wonderful experience!


/ Pyrmont

I am not sure why I decided to start doing Kinesiology. I guess I was ready to become my true self. Kinesiology allows you to be more of who you truly are and more aware of who you can be if you choose. An important lesson I learned was that I have much more control over my life than I thought. It is refreshing and powerful to be able to walk this earth with my eyes open and take responsibility for my life. Life is not just a collection of random events. Kinesiology has helped to start reveal my purpose and has given me the strength to follow my dreams. Above all it has helped me speak my truth and that is the sweetest sound you can ever hear.

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