Are You Reacting or Responding?


Sometimes, what is perceived as “Bad things” happen in life.


It is HOW we REACT or RESPOND that makes the difference.


If we REACT we are in stress and reactions create more stress. When we react we take it personally. ‘They’ are out to ‘get’ us, or ‘life is against us’. Then we look for someone to blame, to find fault – even if the ‘enemy’ is our self. We feel we have NO CHOICE, the basis of all stress that takes us into survival mode.


When we RESPOND we are in Present time Creating Solutions. We have a bigger picture on life, we want to RESPOND and be answerable and responsible for our own life, to make things happen. To create the life we are meant to be living. Because RESPONDING to life gets our energy out of stuck and INTO FLOWing and we can use it to see opportunities we would never have previously considered.


That’s Solution Orientation. That’s where the energy is. And Kinesiology/ Neuro-training sessions get you there, helping you to let go of the old, negative patterns so you can RESPOND to life by creating new neural pathways in the brain so your default is about having CHOICE. Now that’s RESPONDING to Life….wondering how it happens? Read on…



Your Brain IS Amazing


It’s important to remember how amazing your brain is, and to treat it well.


Everything you have ever thought, every emotion you have ever felt, every enzyme reaction, every hormone response, every action EVERYTHING since the moment you were conceived is stored in your brain.


Anytime your brain detects a threat to your survival, real or otherwise, it scans the files in the brain for times in the past that may be something like the situation you are currently in. It then recalls and activates the old survival mode because it has worked in the past. How does it know it worked? You are living proof it worked. You survived.


The thing is, now you may no longer be 3 years old or 6 or 15 or 25 years old when the pattern was created. The situation and You have changed. So the old survival pattern/ defence mode may no longer be the best one for NOW.


You realise this when you start to feel stuck, to feel like you are hitting your head against a wall, when you feel like you are repeating the same thing time and again except this time it no longer works. The instinctive/ default response is to do anything to takes the pain away. A quick fix often serves as a bandaid that can result in the need for more bandaids. Or can create even bigger problems than where you started.



Healing for the Long Term


So, where to find a new solution, a new way of doing life?


To create long term health, to become the person you want to Be, living the life you want to be living at 50, 60, 70, 80, years of age starts with NOW.


The way you look at and respond or react to life NOW. How you live Your life NOW. It takes commitment to a process of finding out about You.


With kinesiology/neurotraining we are assisting your brain to recalibrate the old patterns to new, better ones that work for you NOW and help you to get to where you want to be…a more fulfilling job, relationship, family, lifestyle. With peace of mind, calm, purposeful, joyful, worthy, trusting, enthusiasm, confident. And SO much more!


The brain heals you layer by layer, step by step. Unless you truly believe miracles are possible AND know you are worthy of a miracle in your life (both things we can work on), if I was to wave a magic wand and your life changed instantly to the life you want… you would gradually change it to create the life you have now (with maybe a little improvement).


The brain is funny that way. There is plenty of research (anecdotal and otherwise) around people who have won the lottery and 12 months after their win are in debt (often to the same amount that they won) or have spent it all and are more unhappy than they were the day before they won it.


The brain in survival mode (aka Stress) brings us back to what we know, what we find familiar.



You Learning More About You


Because I attract clients who are curious and want to understand themselves better, during a session I explain the patterns that are out of balance as we release what is no longer working for you, then find who you are under all that “armour”, defence and protection to bring you into balance.


Patterns such as meridian energy….pathways of energy through the body that affect your health and energy levels.


Or emotional patterns, fears, habits or beliefs that have helped you survive but are now slowing or stopping your progress. That means it’s time to find out what is casuing that, release it and help you into Thriving.


It’s a wonderful process to experience. Noticing how clever your brain was to create these patterns that helped you survive and how easily it can to let them go and find new and better ways, as you seek and commit to thriving Now.


With kinesiology we can detect what age you created the pattern, how you changed it’s healthy flow (eg. through the way you think and feel about a situation) and then bring it back into balance at the time you created it.


This then releases the energy to reveal the next ‘survival’ pattern blocking you from thriving…like the fear spiral, imbalance in the 9 Intelligences or glandular/ hormonal imbalance, suppression, emotional patterns, chakra imbalance, negative habits or outmoded beliefs, etc.


We find the imbalance through the basis to all kinesiology: muscle monitoring, which is what I am doing when my hand is on your arm. Or as I explain to the kids ‘we are using your arm muscle like a search engine to google what’s going on and to find out Your brain’s solution to it”. Then we do it. All at the age you created the pattern.


So when your brain returns to Present time at the end of the session it brings with it the new patterns that are in support of you and the way you want to be living and enjoying your life moving forward.


So You can RESPOND to Life, the first step to Thriving.