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Welcome to the Winter Solstice


This is one of my favourite times of year.


The change in energy is palpable. Listening to the birds at sunrise this morning, the shortest day of the year, excitedly chirping to each other gave me goosebumps. Even they know change is on it’s way.


Tomorrow, the Winter Solstice at 1:54 am in Sydney Saturday, June 22, 2019 the days start to become longer.


The Winter Solstice assists you to create profound change in your life with greater clarity and more easily.


Over the years I have learnt that when you tell me, around this time of year, that you feel like your life is ‘falling apart”, “No part of my life is the same” , ” My life is in ruins “, “Something weird is happening” that Winter Solstice energy is clearing out the past dramatically so you will finally take notice. That you are on the wrong path and NOW is the time to get on track to the Life Meant for You.


This year one of the major themes has been disappointment, anger and sadness about the expectations of others: from others toward you, from you toward others, and you toward you. The key is Acceptance, of You, by You. Once you fully accept yourself all else falls into place. The behaviour of others no longer affects you. You are Present. Happy. Peace. Loved. From the Inside.


Once the old negative thoughts and emotional patterns are identified using Neuro-Training Kinesiology, the stress is released and You can be lighter, more Present and on track again. Living the Life Meant for You.


The Winter Solstice is about endings and new beginnings. It is an exciting and rewarding time of year. Filled with potentials, once the the past is let go, generating the energy to renew and create a life that is better. A Life Meant for You.


It’s the key reason I offer Winter Solstice Personal Consultations each year. It’s always wonderful to see so many of you take the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of these sessions to write then next chapter of your life. The past week has been fully booked in Coogee and in Melbourne with clients doing precisely that. A few times are available next week, respond to this email, sms or call if you are interested in making the most of this time.


Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! to the beautiful, questing, committed and heart-filled Melbourne clients for another inspiring, enhancing and extraordinary visit last weekend. It’s always such a joy to work with you, to see how your lives have changed and to help you make your next chapter even better than the last. Thank You!


Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! to the wonder-filled Meditation group at the fully booked Winter Solstice Special Event Meditation on Wednesday night. Their openhearted giving and receiving, their desire to expand their life and spirit is awe inspiring. It was a gift to be a part of your transformation as you each released the past and visioned and started creating the next 12 months. Such an inspiration. Thank You!


The final event making the most of receiving the benefits of the Winter Solstice energy is A Spirited Life this Sunday. This is the workshop for you if you want practical tools and techniques to help you understand the energetic nature of life and discover what is Spiritual for You. This workshop was created after clients asked (for many years) to learn “that other stuff ” (non-kinesiology tools) I use in your Personal Consultations. You can develop, grow and strengthen your intuition to create a more meaningful life, use tools to Be Present and have Presence, learn to speak with and listen to your Higher Self, learn about the energetic nature of life & how to consolidate your energy systems: feel or see auras, strengthen your boundaries especially if you feel what others feel & feel overwhelmed or drained by others. A Spirited Life is jam packed with activities, meditations and visualisations are designed to assist to develop your relationship with Spirit and practical skills to use after the workshop.


In the meantime make sure You complete Your Winter Solstice exercise (below) preferably TODAY or sometime in the next 3 days to create the Life Meant for You more easily.


What You Focus On Grows



When we are experiencing stress we can sometimes have trouble remembering who we are.


It’s little wonder. Advertising, social media, our family and friends are constantly challenging us to be who they want.


It takes the conscious choices we make in each moment to be true to ourselves.


Then something changes everything. Something major happens…someone close leaves, we lose a job, a diagnosis is delivered, a truth is declared or revealed to shine a light on any delusions or misperceptions.


The way we have been living, the way we believed life to be no longer exists.


The way we think about our life is irrevocably changed. The filters, the references we have used to perceive our life no longer apply. We ask ourselves, “Who Am I? With or without this Who Am I Really?”


You can make a thousand lists until you realise what you are asking is “What Do I Believe?”. What you believe reflects in what you think, and that affects the way you feel and the energy you have to do your life, or not. Your beliefs are physically manifested in your day to day living, in what your life looks like and how you live your life.


If the beliefs are negative or limiting thoughts they will slow you down, hold you back or stop you in your tracks and keep you stuck. Your cynical comments and sarcastic or self-depreciating humour are expressions of your beliefs. The brain never registers the ‘humour’. It hears everything you think and say and believes it to be true… You are your own No.1 authority.


Your brain will create what you believe about yourself and your world…whether filled with fear, anger, loathing, resentment, bitterness, self-doubt.


You’ll stay there until you turn the negative into a positive that supports you in who you want to be and what you want to do and the healthy relationships you desire…. loving, trusting, generous, curious, kind, expansive.


It’s your choice.

What You Focus on Grows.



The Winter Solstice Exercise


The Winter Solstice occurs on the longest night and shortest day of the year. In the Southern Hemisphere we experience the Winter Solstice from June 18 -22. From June 22 the days begin to get longer as the sun shines longer. It is the beginning of a new cycle and a powerful time to get clear. It’s a time to set then let go of your visions, dreams and goals. It’s time to celebrate life, love and connection, to enjoy the rebirth as the old cycle completes itself and the new cycle begins.


The Winter Solstice carries a HUGE energy to help your foresight – that’s the vision and the strategies needed – for the year ahead…helping you move from where you are to where you want to be.


It’s good time to re-write your life story. Often we identify, explain or excuse ourselves on the basis of the painful experiences in the past. The Winter Solstice is a perfect time to let go of the pain of the past, the unfinished business, to move toward the life you are meant to be living.


Yet, there is still something more.


Beneath the disrupted feelings, beneath the defensive thoughts, beneath the protective beliefs is that part of yourself that is calm, JOYful, light, peaceful and Love.


If we make time to listen to that gentle, soft voice within us it reminds us who we are.


If we ignore it or avoid the opportunities it creates to connect, learn and grow we can create pain…in our body, heart and mind.


We pay attention or pay in other ways. When we pay attention, the pain from our spirit eases, we find peace and begin to heal our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and body.


When we have difficulty remembering, our spirit reminds us who we are. It reminds us of our true nature, who we are in our heart of hearts.



Look for the Light


From this place we can radiate and grow. It is our Truth, Light, Joy. Essence. Pure Love that Connects us to the heart of others, to our true Life path, to Life itself.


We can access it through our thoughts and feelings using Visualisations, Prayer (asking the Divine) and Meditation (listening to the Divine) until we learn to access it directly within.


To make decisions that help life Thrive and Flow with ease we can ask, “Am I reacting from my humanity or responding through my Divinity?”


Then you can start to Know and Live Your Truth and ask “What MORE Can I BE?”


Clearing the Old Year:


1. Write a letter of anger, pain and torment to those around you that have tested you, upset or hurt you in the last 12 months. Then a letter to yourself about times you have done that to yourself including the fears, negative thoughts and beliefs you have adopted that torture you by getting in the way of you achieving your goals and living the Life you are meant to Live.


2. When you have finished all the letters – destroy them! Rip it up, burn it – get rid of it! Let it go.


3. One hand across your forehead, one hand across the bump on the back of your head. Headhold and breathe in for 4, hold for 2, out for 4, hold for 2…at least 9 reps, letting go of the painful emotions to become lighter and clearer. Give yourself and hug.



Creating Your Future


How can you transfer these learnings, new habits and ways of thinking and doing life into the year ahead?


Where do you want to be in every part of your life in 12 months time: health, financially, relationships, spiritually, work-wise?


Head hold and breathe and imagine yourself 12 months in the future talking to your older, wiser self … who has already created The Life meant for you, is living it and enJOYing it!


Ask your older, wiser self about each of these areas of your life and how you are living 12 months in the future.


Ask what you did to create it, what thoughts, feelings, habits did you let go of? What new thoughts, feelings and habits did you adopt? B r e a t h e them in, intensify them as if they have already happened.


Then Thank your older, wiser self for all the help, love and support. Promise (if you mean it) to visit with your older, wiser self regularly. Become BFFs. What a great resource!


Bring all the information and feelings back into Present time, right here, right now and write it all down.


Then put a candle on top of your list for the next 3 nights (and being responsible candle-safe users I know you’ll blow it out as you go to bed or leave the house).


The idea is this: you are telling Your Brain and the Divine/ Universe/ God/ Goddess/ Supreme Being (within you) who you want to be this time next year and what you want to be doing. Make it date specific, eg. “It is June 20, 2020 and I am/ Have…” then describe the exact scene you are in (so you know you’ve accomplished your goal) and how it feels to be there (having accomplished your goal).


You are re-setting your brain’s Inner GPS to the life you are meant to be living, and making it quite clear for the Divine energy to pick it up and run with it!


As a goal getting exercise it is helping your brain to focus on where you want to be and what you want to be doing. Goals are 80% more successful if they are written down.


As an energetic exercise it is harnessing the energies of the Winter Solstice to assist you to get there!


Make way for the new, better ways of doing life and Live the Life Meant for You!


EnJOY Your Winter Solstice.


The next 12 months will transform you.


Be Kind. And True to You,
All the best always,

Are You Reacting or Responding?


Sometimes, what is perceived as “Bad things” happen in life.


It is HOW we REACT or RESPOND that makes the difference.


If we REACT we are in stress and reactions create more stress. When we react we take it personally. ‘They’ are out to ‘get’ us, or ‘life is against us’. Then we look for someone to blame, to find fault – even if the ‘enemy’ is our self. We feel we have NO CHOICE, the basis of all stress that takes us into survival mode.


When we RESPOND we are in Present time Creating Solutions. We have a bigger picture on life, we want to RESPOND and be answerable and responsible for our own life, to make things happen. To create the life we are meant to be living. Because RESPONDING to life gets our energy out of stuck and INTO FLOWing and we can use it to see opportunities we would never have previously considered.


That’s Solution Orientation. That’s where the energy is. And Kinesiology/ Neuro-training sessions get you there, helping you to let go of the old, negative patterns so you can RESPOND to life by creating new neural pathways in the brain so your default is about having CHOICE. Now that’s RESPONDING to Life….wondering how it happens? Read on…



Your Brain IS Amazing


It’s important to remember how amazing your brain is, and to treat it well.


Everything you have ever thought, every emotion you have ever felt, every enzyme reaction, every hormone response, every action EVERYTHING since the moment you were conceived is stored in your brain.


Anytime your brain detects a threat to your survival, real or otherwise, it scans the files in the brain for times in the past that may be something like the situation you are currently in. It then recalls and activates the old survival mode because it has worked in the past. How does it know it worked? You are living proof it worked. You survived.


The thing is, now you may no longer be 3 years old or 6 or 15 or 25 years old when the pattern was created. The situation and You have changed. So the old survival pattern/ defence mode may no longer be the best one for NOW.


You realise this when you start to feel stuck, to feel like you are hitting your head against a wall, when you feel like you are repeating the same thing time and again except this time it no longer works. The instinctive/ default response is to do anything to takes the pain away. A quick fix often serves as a bandaid that can result in the need for more bandaids. Or can create even bigger problems than where you started.



Healing for the Long Term


So, where to find a new solution, a new way of doing life?


To create long term health, to become the person you want to Be, living the life you want to be living at 50, 60, 70, 80, years of age starts with NOW.


The way you look at and respond or react to life NOW. How you live Your life NOW. It takes commitment to a process of finding out about You.


With kinesiology/neurotraining we are assisting your brain to recalibrate the old patterns to new, better ones that work for you NOW and help you to get to where you want to be…a more fulfilling job, relationship, family, lifestyle. With peace of mind, calm, purposeful, joyful, worthy, trusting, enthusiasm, confident. And SO much more!


The brain heals you layer by layer, step by step. Unless you truly believe miracles are possible AND know you are worthy of a miracle in your life (both things we can work on), if I was to wave a magic wand and your life changed instantly to the life you want… you would gradually change it to create the life you have now (with maybe a little improvement).


The brain is funny that way. There is plenty of research (anecdotal and otherwise) around people who have won the lottery and 12 months after their win are in debt (often to the same amount that they won) or have spent it all and are more unhappy than they were the day before they won it.


The brain in survival mode (aka Stress) brings us back to what we know, what we find familiar.



You Learning More About You


Because I attract clients who are curious and want to understand themselves better, during a session I explain the patterns that are out of balance as we release what is no longer working for you, then find who you are under all that “armour”, defence and protection to bring you into balance.


Patterns such as meridian energy….pathways of energy through the body that affect your health and energy levels.


Or emotional patterns, fears, habits or beliefs that have helped you survive but are now slowing or stopping your progress. That means it’s time to find out what is casuing that, release it and help you into Thriving.


It’s a wonderful process to experience. Noticing how clever your brain was to create these patterns that helped you survive and how easily it can to let them go and find new and better ways, as you seek and commit to thriving Now.


With kinesiology we can detect what age you created the pattern, how you changed it’s healthy flow (eg. through the way you think and feel about a situation) and then bring it back into balance at the time you created it.


This then releases the energy to reveal the next ‘survival’ pattern blocking you from thriving…like the fear spiral, imbalance in the 9 Intelligences or glandular/ hormonal imbalance, suppression, emotional patterns, chakra imbalance, negative habits or outmoded beliefs, etc.


We find the imbalance through the basis to all kinesiology: muscle monitoring, which is what I am doing when my hand is on your arm. Or as I explain to the kids ‘we are using your arm muscle like a search engine to google what’s going on and to find out Your brain’s solution to it”. Then we do it. All at the age you created the pattern.


So when your brain returns to Present time at the end of the session it brings with it the new patterns that are in support of you and the way you want to be living and enjoying your life moving forward.


So You can RESPOND to Life, the first step to Thriving.





The Last of Autumn


My cottage garden filled with flowering ground cover and borders, my garden of 9 years was destroyed last Tuesday by gardeners who misunderstood real estate instructions of ” Never touch the garden. Only mow the lawns”.


All the plants that I raised from scratch are gone except the larger plants that were kept. A pure clean out, only the soil remained. Everything else has gone and couldn’t be saved. I was devasted. Sobbed. Then realised it was helping me to grieve all the losses Life brings.


My gift from The Garden.


The garden and lawn were a sand pit when I started and finished in full form this summer. So it went out with a flourish!


I did it for the love of it, for the doing, to help heal and connect the residents. And me. Which it has done.


Now for the New Cycle to begin.


I’ve been hearing similar stories from clients over the last month and realised they too were taking advantage of this incredibly powerful Scorpio Full Moon in the last stage of Autumn to heal.


So I did what they were doing and saw my kinesiologist. Thank goodness. Things would have been a lot messier!


Many of you have been taking advantage of the Autumn energy, consciously and unconsciously, to acknowledge, clear out and release any old habits, relationship/ health/ money/ self worth patterns to create room for the new and better habits. Including any guilt, shame or blame that comes up that blocks the ability to thrive.


Autumn is the season in Chinese medicine and kinesiology to clean up the lungs and large intestine energy by clearing out the grief and guilt. We are all doing it to varying degrees.


As we move toward the end of Autumn at the Winter Solstice 18-22 June the last big waves of grief and guilt are now surfacing so revisit the Breathe newsletter sent early in Autumn and also the Autumn Equinox Exercise and let it go.


Many clients have been contacting me about their coughs and cold/ flu like symptoms. These too can be symptoms of grief. “Get off your chest” what you need to, kindly of course. Support the large intestine health and get things moving to release it.


When you let it go your filter on life changes. You become clearer.


Time to rest too.


Many are reporting lives on hyper-drive with expectations and demands ever-increasing. This sends your body and brain into high adrenal mode, affects your ability to sleep well, which affects your ability to recuperate at night so you have the energy to apply the learnings and do it all again, better, tomorrow.


Headholding and Breathing helps to slow the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, and connect the cerebral brain with the enteric brain, so you can start to step out of survival mode and into your Vision of Thriving. So Headhold and breathe to find Calm, Clarity and Focus.


HHB before sleep, if you wake during the night and again in the morning. Make an appointment with yourself on your phone diary 3 or 4 times during your daily busyness. Gradually retrain your brain to slipstream through your day rather than letting your adrenals take over and keep you anxious and panicked. HHB also helps you to receive a deeper meditation space, to be present before driving, meetings, exams, coming home to the family. The more often you do it the more regularly you are re-training your brain out of anxiety/ reacting/ survival mode so you can Be Present, enJOY your life and Thrive.


Next, find your happy place… the place your love to go to because it instantly calms you, reminds you who you truly are, that opens your mind and heart to new possibilities.


Rest in comfort in the last of the Autumn sun’s warmth. Water. Nourish. Nurture.


Then look for the Gratitude. All the moments of grief are also reminders of what you were given, how you are loved and healed. As you release the grief you create space to heal on an even deeper level, to make space for the new, in whatever form it arrives, at the right time in the right way for you.

Be kind, and True to you,


Are You Over Giving?


Getting You All Loved Up!!

and Learning to Be Self Nurturing


One of my favourite traditions on Mothers’ Day from the time I was 5 years old was making Mum a cuppa tea and toast in bed and see the look of wonder, love and surprise on her face as I carried it in to her on a tray. The tea was too milky and lukewarm, the toast was cold and torn with holes after a battle with the too hard butter and, of course, too much IXL marmalade. And yet Mum made out that it was one of the wonders of the modern age.


Since I left home at 17 I have Celebrated all those people in my life – as well as my Mother- who have made a difference to my life. We all know those people in our life, those who have seen us for ourselves and loved us anyway. Who have made us feel special and important and reminded us of who we truly are. Now is the time to Celebrate them.


Later in life, during my late 20s and into my 30’s, I was a happy, very loving and very involved step mother for 7.5 years with all the heart-ache and joy that very special role brings. I also began to notice all those others in Life that give so generously, quietly doing what they do to make Life seamless and easier for those around them. Now is the time to Celebrate them.



Mother’s Day is the time to Celebrate the Mothers. That bond is spiritual, profound and irreplacable. Even if the relationship is healthy, unhealthy or non-exisitant.


By honouring the Mother we honour the Mothering spirit within all of us, allowing us to open our hearts unconditionally. And to learn to Mother self, to love Self in a way that we always wanted to be loved.


Mothers’ Day is a time to celebrate that. The kindness, generosity and nurturing, a time to be grateful for the nurturers, the caring and the kind. In fact many of you are That person to many of those around you.


Many of the clients I see in clinic give a lot in all parts of their lives and forget to support and nurture themselves.


The Nurturing Meditation Special Event was created for this reason almost 20 years ago, and was fully booked last Wednesday night. It is offered each year around Mothers’ Day to assist you to heal yourself and your relationship with your Mum and to learn to nurture yourself the way you wanted to be mothered.


By discovering the signs that you are giving too much, how you learnt this and how to unlearn it through a revealing and nourishing exercise, we then enjoyed a beautiful meditation, just for this event. Just imagine how your life can be improved by this! The evening was completed by creating a personal strategy of self care. How much fun and nourishment is that?!


And it is always so wonderful to be in the company of such generous spirits questing to do life better, for themselves and for the benefit of others….just like You!



Do You Give TOO Much? Are You An Over Giver?


So how do you know you are over giving?


Do you feel unappreciated, taken for granted, under resourced and begin to grudge what you do for others?


When you are normally a big-hearted people person do you find you want to hide from everyone, feel antisocial, and even get cranky with the people you love most?


Then You are OVER giving.


One of the passages we use to explain this in Ignite Your Heart, right before we work through a process to help you let go of this behaviour that no longer works for you, is from one of my favourite books by Don Miguel Ruiz, The Mastery of Love,


“ To master a relationship is all about you. The first step is to become aware, to know that everyone dreams his own dream. Once you know this, you can be responsible for your half of the relationship, which is you. If you know that you are only responsible for half of the relationship, you can easily control your half. It is not up to us to control the other half. If we respect, we know that our partner, or friend, or son, or mother, is completely responsible for his or her own half. If we respect the other half, there is always going to be peace in that relationship. There is no war.”


Imagine a line in the sand and on one side of the line is yourself, on the other side your Mother, boss, colleague, friend, child, lover…one of the key people you are in relationship with. Your job is to do your half of the relationship.


Yet many over-givers continue to give until they step well over the line and are doing their own and the other person’s part of the relationship.


Then they wonder why the other person is not showing up in the relationship. There is no room for them to do so! And why do they need to? You are doing their half too!


So back up, step over to your side of the relationship.


If they meet you at the line, then you have the beginnings of a healthy relationship. If they don’t then they are telling you about their levels of commitment and respect to You and the Relationship.


Doing more than your half of the relationship is tiring, time consuming, messes with your head and does something you may not expect:


Every time you are doing more than your half of the relationship, every time you step in and rescue…you are robbing the other person of their lesson.


And the next time the lesson comes around it gets harder, and then harder again. Ask parents of children in debt that ‘help them out’ without holding them accountable. They accrue more debt. There are millions of these examples. What’s yours?


Focus on Your half of the relationship. Respect the other half. Create your own peace: your own and Peace within the relationship.



Self Care….


What do you with your time instead of rescuing or doing more than your half of the relationship?


You can NOW get REALLY Interested in You!!


You could start by writing your Visions of Your Future, your feelings and thoughts in a journal, or meditate so you can become more aware of what you really feel and think…underneath all the surface stuff. BONUS! You may find out you are a LOT more interesting than you think !


It’s all about learning to Know Thyself.


Write a list of what you really love or of your dreams, and start researching about them. If this increases your interest, follow through – start by doing a class, or meeting people who do that thing you love.


Finding JOY in life is the juice that helps to fill that feeling of unappreciated fatigue.


It’s important because it’s YOUR Life, start NOW!


As your interest in You grows, other’s interest in you grows.


As you treat yourself with kindness and respect, others will follow your example and treat you with kindness and respect.


And it may inspire them to treat themselves with kindness and respect, or not. That’s their stuff.



Create a Self Care Strategy


When you are ready, headhold and breathe in for 4, hold for 2, out for 4, hold for 2 and repeat 9 times to create deep relaxation (also great Self Care!)


Then grab a notebook and start to jot down things you can do when you feel tired, cranky, drained, antisocial and want to get back in the groove by reminding yourself you are loved. It could include:


Give Yourself the Gift of Time


20 minutes in the morning to yourself. This will reset your internal clock and stop you chasing time. It’s MOST important when you feel there is not enough time in the day. Spend 20 minutes in nature or watching nature from your house/ office/ car. Practice your breathing, noticing the birds, the plants, the seasons, how things are changing…no emails, phones, people interruptions, radio, tv….just you and nature. And every time you go to get up and do something stop and breathe and focus on nature again. 20 minutes uninterrupted time with yourself…notice your aches and pains, notice what you feel and where it sits in your body when you think of particular people, events, tasks/ responsibilities in your life. What do you need to do about that? Notice. Your body has an innate intelligence. 20 minutes to You each day will encourage it to talk to you.


Build Your Self Trust


Never make an agreement with yourself without following it through. If there is a remote chance you won’t do it, stop. Only make agreements with yourself that you will honour, like making an appointment with your boss or me. You make the appointment, you expect you will show up. Start showing up in your life with You, write down your agreement in your diary and DO It. Watch your trust in yourself grow. Then the world is yours.


A 30 minute Walk


Walking in nature daily grounds you, heals and cheers you. It keeps your perspective connected to a bigger world ( Mother Nature) rather than your worries. Nature just keeps going. The worries come and go. It’s good to be reminded of a bigger picture. Do It. Or not. Just no more empty promises.


Daily Hugs


Latest research tells us we need 8 hugs x 30 second hugs each day, so top up with self hugs. Pretend you like the person you are hugging, even imagine it’s someone you like then ‘paste’ your face on the image. Breathe in the hug, imagine a colour and then fill your body with the colour. Top this off by …


Talking Nicely to Yourself


Get THIS. You are with You, in Your head for the rest of Your Life. The next 50, 60, 70, 80 or 90 years! Do you really want to be running that old, beaten uninspired recording in your head for that long? You know..the one about your weight, your looks, your intelligence, your social skills, what others think of you. SO yesterday! Start to talk to yourself like you care. It’s a good start to a 50 ++year relationship. Then get curious. Then get kind. With yourself, To Yourself. Start NOW.


Write a list of short and sweet affirmations


“ I am …awesome/ beautiful/ loved/ loving/ fulfilled/ happy/ etc” when you are feeling great so when you feel drained you can flick to the notebook, select an affirmation and repeat it 3 times while you look at yourself in the mirror. Repeat 3 times a day for a week. This technique was, with many others, made popular by self help publisher and guru Louise Hay. Read her many books including You Can Heal Your Life and You Can Have an Exceptional Life ( co-authored with Cheryl Richardson) for more.


Cheryl Richardson has created a wealth of resources around self care including her books Life Makeovers and The Art of Extreme Self Care…well worth reading and applying to your Life. EnJOY


Remember, WHERE you are in life is only by Choice. Your Choice.


Make it positive and in support of you.



Finding Your Purpose


When was the last time You felt FULL?


Rather than the ‘stuffed like a goose’ at Christmas, I mean the content, peaceful feeling that comes with radiating Happiness and a deep sense of Knowing that everything is happening at the right time and the right place. The sense of Being at One with Life?


Can you remember a time like that? What were you doing? Who with? What gave you that sense of Fulfillment?


Then that is a part of your Life Purpose….make it a part of your Life now.


Never experienced this? Then it is time You did.


Why is It Important?


Have you ever wondered why you were born? What you are here for? What purpose your life serves? What is the meaning of your life?


These questions are the reason it’s important for You to find the answers…only some people ask those questions. And you just did. You do. That means finding the meaning in you life IS important to you.


I have often joked that most people would love for Archangel Michael to appear out of the ether to tell them why they were born. That was part of the popularity of the sorting hat in Harry Potter books…being told who you are at your core.


What I know for sure is that those answers can be found within you, by You.


I have spent 20 years enthralled by the kinesiology process as it helps clients release their stress and defences to reveal their True Nature , who they are in their Heart of Hearts and get them back on track to living a Life that is meaningful – to them.


And during the last 11 years the Living Life Passionately workshop has helped hundreds to find this within themselves…. And then to LIVE it.


Most often Purpose is misperceived to be one singular focus…we can have many Purposes. It’s up to us to find and develop them so we can be fulfilled…filled up.


It’s no secret that I LOVE my Life work and that I LOVE to share the benefits with You.


My passion is that each of You, if you so want it, be doing what You love every moment of the day, doing what fills you up, gives you meaning and adds purpose to your life….helping You to Thrive.


Anytime you are questioning your Life and saying you want MORE or BETTER it is important to remember, before you doubt yourself, that it IS possible.


And that I can help you do it, because I have done this for myself. And helped 100’s of others find their unique solutions to get on track and create MORE and BETTER in their Lives.


And when clients wanted MORE to add to their sessions I created workshops to expand, extend and lift up each participant to create and live the Life they imagined- and SO much more.


If you are serious about creating REAL change in your life THIS is the time to do it.


Don’t know what you want? You’ll find it.


Do know what you want and stuck? You’ll get back on track and into the Flow and THRIVE.


Wishing you the best in Life always,

It’s Time To Listen

About Anzac Day



A big part of my role as a Kinesiologist/ Neuro-trainer includes assisting clients to let go of the pain of their past so they can find the energy to create their dream of their future.


For some clients this may mean releasing the pain of the darkest parts of life including abuse, war and the injustices of life.


There is no doubt, in the best of times and the worst of times, I have your back.


So it’s no surprise I go into your defence when boundaries are breached and service to life is disrespected.


It saddens me deeply when I hear of paramedics, police, fireys, life savers and hospital emergency crews assaulted while working to maintain life.


It saddened me as a child to watch shocked and displaced local Vietnam Vets return home from war, in service to their country, expecting to receive a hero’s welcome like the generations before them only to receive anger, outrage and neglect.


I have worked with many clients from the Armed Forces over the past 20 years. This anger, neglect and abuse continues within the community, and their own.


This was highlighted in the 2014 STC/ ADF production of A Long Way Home . Being a part of the audience, witness to the healing it created for members of the Australian Defence Force and their families was one of the most profound experiences of my life.


The Light is always present.
Sometimes you need to remind yourself to look for it.
What You Focus on Grows.


The key is to focus on healing. It is important that I make time in my schedule to use my skills and ability to heal my own sadness and anger about these situations so I can help you to heal You and those on the frontline to heal too.


Those on the front line of Service can neglect to look after themselves, lack the energy or ability to ask for help especially when they have seen and experienced the worst of life. It often takes repeated requests through the white noise in their head from those that love them to make healing a priority. Connection and stepping into life again are their reward.


In an ideal world, war and pain inflicted by one human to another, and to their environment ( air, water, soil, animals, etc) would be obsolete. Everyone, everything is connected.


This is the human, earthbound world, the dream, The Story, we have created for ourselves.By focusing on the fear we are all contributing players. It’s a part of the human existence.


I am often asked by clients feeling overwhelmed and defeated, “how can this horrible world change?”


When we feel we have no choice, we go into stress.


Find the Choice in every moment of Your Life.


Make one positive Choice after another. Clearly, positively in support of your values, of the Life you want to be living, the life you want around you. Let it radiate from you.


The thing is, you are already doing it. Your life now is a reflection of what you believe about yourself, the people around you, the community/ country you live in and the values that motivate you.


Take a moment this weekend to check in. Notice what “gets your back up”, what boundary is being breached.


Our outside world can be a reflection of our inner world. Ask yourself where in your life you can change a habit, a thought, a belief, a reaction that shows what you DO value, that is in support of this value.


Decide what you want to be remembered for and BEcome that person.



“How can one person change the world Deb? What I do won’t make a difference” clients remark. I disagree….the one person resuscitating you makes a difference. The one lifesaver on his board rescuing you from the rip is making a difference. The ANZAC soldier on assignment in the Middle East giving Iraqi’s medical training is making a difference. The one fireman pulling you from the burning building saving you from the flames is making a difference. The police pulling you over for speeding, or protecting you when you feel threatened, the ambo attending to you at the scene of an accident, are each making a difference. The doctor at the Emergency ward removing the piece of glass from your leg makes a difference.


And with the one person are a team of individuals working together with a common goal. Working in the Highest Good of All.


One person makes a difference. It’s one of the reasons I do what I do, to remind You that You make a difference to every life you touch. Do it in a way you want to be remembered.



This Anzac Day honour each of those individual lives that gave themselves and those that continue to give themselves for the Highest Good, so that we have the Choice to Live our lives today the way we choose. Make it the Life You Are Meant to be Living, that is meaningful to you…filled with love, commitment and purpose. In the Highest Good.


I have spent many Anzac Days in country towns around Australia, at the Dawn Service, listening to local stories and watching core values in action as the fabric of our culture. Especially on Anzac Day when you pay attention to the stories of families and communities devastated by the losses of war. Towns reduced to handfuls of people after individual after individual left to go to war and create a Greater Good. There is no hero worship. There is respect for those who gave their life so that we can enjoy the life we have today.These visits continue to fill my heart.


As do the Dawn Services on Anzac Day in Coogee. The local events I have attended over the years still give me goosebumps and bring tears to the eyes. The ongoing sense of community with the people I met that day is remarkable.


And proof that What You Focus on Grows.



It’s Time To Listen…


There is a LOT of busy-ness going on. It’s the time of year we are sorting, LETTING GO, weeding, re-organising. It can feel like, the more we do the more there is to do. So it seems.


Please take the time to LISTEN to your life over the next 6 weeks. Notice where in your Life you are doing well, where things are effortless, where they flow, where there is JOY.


Notice also where things seem harder, where they take extra effort or you feel like you are pushing rocks up a hill, just to repeat it again tomorrow. Does this mean there is something wrong? To get rid of that part of your life? Maybe.


Mostly it’s about looking at the situation differently, looking for new solutions and belief systems rather than those based on self-sacrifice or “No Pain, No Gain”. And if you get stuck, a Personal Consultation can help.



By taking this time to review, just a few moments each day, it keeps you on course and allows you to catch the breeze that will help you fly easily.


Be kind, and True to You.


About Grief & Guilt

Quote for the Week


“Now that you know the truth of who you really are…live your life fearlessly!”

– Anita Moorjani, Dying To Be Me



Energy of Change and Spiritual Celebrations


This time of year we are strongly influenced by the energy of Change and powerful Spiritual celebrations … the Celebration of Purim (Feast of Lots) on the Jewish calendar, Holi for the Hindu faith and Hola Mohalla for the Sikh, the Persian/Zoroastrian New Year and Baha’i New Year and the Autumn/ Spring Equinox, Lailat al Miraj (Journey of Ascension) is celebrated in the Islamic faith and Vesak, Buddha’s Birthday….just to name a few spiritual celebrations enJOYing this Spiritual time of Change.


Yesterday, Friday, in Sydney brought the first full moon after March 21 ( Equinox)… which is how Easter is set and is being celebrated this weekend.


These traditions are celebrations of joy, hope, ascension and life with promise for a new and better future.


So if you wanted a sign that Universal energy is supporting your growth and transformation- this IS it! EnJOY!



Energy of Change in Personal Consultations


In their Personal Consultations, Clients have been clearing out what no longer works in their life …. many feeling deeply stuck in their old ways and their bad habits, dark thoughts, fears, sadness, anger and conceding to their sabotages of resistance to change, then frustration as they see they are blocking their ability to create the positive future they seek. At the end of the Personal Consultation, a process of BEcoming Your True Self, Clients report being lighter with many declaring, “I wish I’d come in earlier.” Life then becomes easier, begins to flow and create focus and clarity. Exciting times!


Autumn is the season to let go anything stopping us from growing, so we can continue to move along our own path, toward our own vision. In the letting go the old ways of relating and Doing, Life can change, evolve, step up in a way that cannot happen when we hold on.


So now is the time to let go of the past and create Your Vision for life You are meant to Live.


Major times of transformation and change can create stress…feeling wound up, anxious, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite, weight gain, negative thoughts in an ongoing loop in our head, quick to react and criticize. Sound familiar?


The Full Moon in Libra on Friday at 9.18pm Sydney time, the second Libran Moon this year making it a Blue Moon and Pink Moon in the Northern Hemisphere, intensified emotions. Anything causing you to be out of balance was highlighted. Anything causing you to go into excess (overworking, over eating/ drinking/ thinking etc) or causing you to feel depleted, empty, lacking or unfulfilled. This gives you the opportunity to take note and change your life to create the balance you seek and to heal.


Take advantage of the Autumn and the spiritual energy to clean out the old wounds to self heal and create the healthy, loving life you are seeking.



Grief & Guilt


Over the last few weeks we have been experiencing the power of Autumn to release and let go.


It’s in Autumn that we prune the dead wood and let go of the habits and beliefs than no longer work for us, creating room for healthy new growth to establish before Winter.


What ‘dead wood’? Holding onto old regrets, guilt, grudges and losses is exhausting work. It holds you back from living the life you are meant to.


Autumn is the time in Chinese Medicine when the lung and large intestine energy is at optimum levels to clean up, clear out and re-energise.


So now is the time to clear out the sore throats and congestion from unresolved emotions of old grief and guilt. It can reduce your resilience to fighting off bugs and make you vulnerable to chest and lung infections. Feeling blocked up? You can use the energy of Autumn to sort out any lung or large intestine issues, more easily.


Ignite Your Heart grads could re-visit the Ribbon Cutting process to clear out unresolved grief and guilt from relationships. While Living Life Passionately grads can work with the Defuse the Negative and Infuse the Positive process. Alternatively you can book a Personal Consultation to release the deepest patterns unique to you.



About Grief


Our society handles grief badly. We expect those that are grieving to move on more quickly than we are designed, even though grieving our losses is a part of everyday life, whether from the loss of a relationship, a friendship, a loved one or pet, or the loss of a job, car or home.


The intensity of grief and its impact on everyday life can be debilitating. The brain does generate hormones to assist with the grieving process, eg. to get through the funeral and its aftermath, help those divorcing to separate lives and those made redundant sort the paperwork and begin to think of a new life without the old.


And just as the grieving are beginning to catch their breath the hormones of grief that help them through this transition stage begin to subside at about 6 weeks after the loss.


Which is usually when the casseroles and support begins to wane, and the grieving are told in words and actions ” to suck it up” and “get on with it”.


In my office over the years the most common remark from those grieving is how badly those around them react to their loss…as if it’s contagious the grieving are avoided at all costs for fear of catching ‘the death germ’ or saying the ‘wrong thing’.


So, just when the support is needed, those needing support are at a further loss to family and friends who seemingly desert them.


The unpredictability of grief is a part of this….as a process it cannot be measured by a step by step process…’oh, so you are stage 1 and have 4 more to go’ cannot be applied here.


The healing process moves according to the available energy to heal. I have worked with some clients who have only started to grieve 20 years after an event when they have the energy and ability to let go and heal themselves. Others find themselves caught unawares long after a loss they through they were’ done’ grieving.


Being Present is the last thing most want to do while grieving. The pain of the grief becomes more acute when Present, for a short period of time. Yet when sat with, breathed through and released healing can take place more deeply than those who distract themselves with the Past or chasing the Future.


Profound healing occurs in the Present and head holding and breathing is the perfect exercise to assist you to do that and allow you to grieve. And it takes time.


From a spiritual perspective I have learnt first hand that death is the end of a physical existence only and that a spirit and their love continues as strongly as ever, as does the connection of love shared.


All good reasons to be Present, to look for moments to be Grateful and to Live the Life You are Meant to, what is meaningful to YOU. When You are ready.


Please email me with any questions or to book an appointment to help you heal your grief.



About Guilt


Every time you do something that makes you feel bad about yourself lowers your self esteem & chips away at your self worth. Whether it’s the negative self talk in your head, the habits that you loathe yourself for or the way you behave to those you love when you are short on time or stressed.


Or something much bigger. Or worse.


So make a decision, use your power of choice, to only do what lifts you up, what reinforces your self worth and self esteem. Affirm that sense of Knowing that brings you calm and centred when you KNOW in your heart you are doing what you know is right for you. Let Go of the rest.


And if you can’t?


BEing Kind starts with loving yourself enough to forgive Yourself, Others and Life. Anyone/thing blaming you or who you’ve blamed.


Why Do This?


To heal yourself and become lighter
To Let Go of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual baggage that comes with Blame and Guilt.
To BE your best self
To move along your spiritual path more easily and gently
To fulfill your Purpose in Life


What has to happen to learn to forgive?


Some ‘bad, bad thing”.


And we forget that part.


UNTIL it happens and we are given the opportunity to heal ourselves by learning to forgive.

(Neale Donald Walshe’s children’s story, Little Soul and the Sun explains this thought further).



Forgiveness is a process. It can happen in a nano-second if you are willing.


And if not, then it’s a good time to remind yourself that you are a Human, Being.


In the meantime, please be kind.

Wishing You the best of blessings always,

What’s Your Agenda? Seeking Your Passion & Purpose?

Quote for the Week    

“If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.”

― Joseph Campbell



A Mini- Meditation


B r e a t h e….
Give yourself a breath.
Love Yourself enough to do this…


Headhold and breathe for 9 reps.
Be still.
Gently place both hands on your heart in the centre of your chest.


Imagine you step into a lift in your head and it moves down the centre of your body, through the throat to the heart. The doors to the lift open. You step into the room that is your heart.

Notice the room. Notice the colours, the furniture, the photos and momentos. Breathe.

Notice how the room feels. Are you comfortable here? Do what you need to do to be comfortable here…make the space larger, smaller, lighter, darker, change to he colours, the momentos, the music, the scents. Make it a space you can be nurtured, loved, at home, peaceful, whole.

When you finds that space, ask what you need to do daily to Be this way. How can you support yourself better? To remind yourself that you are nurtured, loved, at home, at peace, whole. Find a way to make it happen. To fill your life with Love, Gratitude and Connection to the Divine. To live Your Life, your path, the reason You were born. To do what drives you. To live the life you want to be remembered for.

From Your Heart.

Breathe it all in.

Repeat Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! to your Heart.

Step into the lift and promise your heart to practice this exercise daily.

The doors of the lift close, it moves upwards, through your throat and stops at the control room in the centre of your head. The doors of the lift open, you step through and start to implement all your new learnings, understandings and healings right here, right now.

And give yourself a hug. What colour do you notice? Breathe it in. Fill your body with the colour.

Embrace yourself with love.



What Is Your Agenda?


In the year I was born Easter Sunday happened to be the same day as my birthday.


Now, I find it so funny, divinely inspired, that I was driven to make my life’s work to assist clients to let go of their old lives, to transform, and Live the life they are meant to be living, the life that is meaningful to them. They become lighter, clear on who they are, inspired, authentic and live with passion…love, commitment and purpose.


Which is why kinesiology resonated so deeply for me. it has done so since my very first class over 25 years ago. Why? It assists me to help You live the life you are meant to, gently and easily. Over the years this has created profound results.


This life became my passion. My agenda…what drives me, what fills my day with love and Joy! What gets me out of bed every morning, gives me direction and my life meaning. What fills me up.


Take a moment to ask your heart, what drives you in this way? What do you want to be remembered for? These are the questions that lead you to discover Your Agenda. Your Agenda influences every choice you make, the results you create and the quality of life you live.


You can use the Mini- Meditation at the beginning of this article to ask your heart.


If you come along to Ignite Your Heart on Saturday May 4 you can help your heart to heal, open your heart to a Life filled with love, doing what you love, surrounded by those you love being around.


Or come along to Living Life Passionately and spend 2 days entirely on You, finding the career, finances, health and sex life you seek while clearing out your blocks/ sabotages to healthy self worth so you know you are enough, and can receive the very best in life. In other words you define and begin to live your purpose, your agenda.


If You would like some help with this, are looking to find and live Your Life Path, Your Purpose or would to Let Go of the heaviness and baggage ….give me a call, sms me or respond to this email to book an appointment or find the workshop that is right for you now.


I am here across Easter and the School holidays to help you do all that.


And a whole lot MORE!



About the Agenda


My story was very different in my late 20s and early 30s.


On the surface I appeared to be happy, deep down I was deeply unhappy. Although I was in a job I liked, the company was highly political and the environment incredibly toxic. I reported in to a boss who regularly invented new ways to belittle my staff. All employees actually.


I worked long hours, never found time for the gym and ate on the run. I ballooned to a size 22 and became unhealthy. I was VERY much off track.


At home, I overcompensated. Exhausted, de-moralised and unwilling to make the choice to leave an ill-fitting relationship, I ‘tried’ to make things better and avoided rocking the boat.


I was living MY life according to my boss’ and my partner’s agenda, putting their needs before mine while ‘getting on with it’ and paying the bills.


I was adapting to the environment without really questioning if this was the life I really wanted. It was a great set up for the boss and my then partner because I put their agendas ahead of mine. I had lost sight of what I wanted in the list of “have to’s” that filled my day in an attempt to keep everyone happy.


If you had told me then that I could be doing what I’m passionate about, living where I love and healthier than EVER I would have laughed and said it was dreaming. I was very attached to believing that the only way out was by working harder at my job and my relationship. I was attached to a”no pain, no gain” mentality, felt resentful and unappreciated.


Sound familiar, at all?


Looking back, these experiences taught me about Agendas.


Every meeting I’ve been to had an agenda…what will be covered in the meeting and expected outcomes. There were always people at the meeting who had their own desired outcome. Their own agenda that suited them and their needs. Whether they got it or not depended on whether others had an agenda and how committed they were to getting it.


Fortunately, the kinesiology I had been studying started to kick in and I realised there was a better way of doing MY life. I started to attract positive and likeminded people into my life who showed me what was possible and how to get there more easily. And I began to believe I could have the life I was dreaming of. It gave me the foresight to create it- the vision AND the strategy. And when that kicked in? WOW!



Over 15 years ago when I created Living Life Passionately, living Your Life according to Your Agenda was my main theme. In fact, THAT is one of the key reasons I created Living Life Passionately – to help others find their agenda for their life.


Why? When you know your agenda, the purpose, strategy and outcomes you are looking for in YOUR Life, YOU benefit. Everyone benefits.


One of my key purposes is to help others see and LIVE their Purpose, their True Agenda, the reason they were born.


Living Life Passionately was created from that agenda. Providing tools and techniques to assist You to let go of the defences ( habits, fears, old outmoded beliefs) that get in the way of creating the life You are meant to be living, then assisting you to move TOWARD what you want, rather than away from what you don’t want (because you will always carry what you don’t want with you).


What we often forget to do with the new strategy is take the time to be quiet and alone with it and to NOTICE how you feel, how your body responds to the new goals. If you notice you are joyful, love-filled, energised, centred and it sits well – you are on the right track.


If you notice your energy drop, feel “off”, heavy, empty or feel sick it’s time to stop and reconsider. Because while your head is telling you what it thinks is the “right” strategy, your heart and body are telling you otherwise.


Goals or plans that align your vision with your head, heart, body and spirit make creating your Life easier. They create flow and take the hard work out of life. You attract opportunities and like-minded others to assist you to bring your vision to fruition. Life becomes easy and “things just fall into place”.


Or you can continue to make hard work of your goals.


The difference a moment makes. A moment to check-in, listen and act on what is really important to you.


Your Personal Consultations and the Living Life Passionately workshop are designed to make this process easier.


The emphasis here is easier. Change can feel uncomfortable. We are “comfortable” living with our old fears, habits and beliefs even if we ‘ know’ we need to change something. This is only as easy as you allow it to be.


If you are attached to your old fears, habits and beliefs as ways to defend yourself, define yourself, excuse or justify yourself you will make the process more “uncomfortable”.


Or, you can COMMIT to the NEW You! Write a new role for yourself. Re-defining your role and agenda for your Life, begin to BELIEVE in it and ACT upon it. Imagine seeing yourself LIVING the rewards of the new and better way of living Your Life.


That’s Living the Life YOU are Meant to…a passionate Life, filled with love, commitment and purpose!


Looking forward to seeing you soon.



Be kind. And True to you,

Welcome to the Autumn Equinox

Quote for the Week

“The Emperor and the sage walked into the equinox of the fall. And the sage told him it is time for the leaves to fall, for the season to begin to go to sleep. It is time for all things to come to an end. It is the time, the cycle, of all livingness. Not only does this time mean that the individual should relax, they should review; but they should maintain their strength, in the time or to the time of their passing. It is time where things are re-fertilised, where trees go back to the earth, where animals stock their homes. It is time of refurbishing, of rebuilding, of shaking off the old, so the new can come forward within the winter. It is a time of great growth, for there is always over-amount of growth when you begin to cut away the dead wood….It is a time of great rejoicing within, for you have, in essence, completely refurbished your body. You usually find yourself in a place where a lot of old things can fall away. And where new begins to fall into your life, the right way.”


The Elements of Man, Chung Fu/ Marshall Lever



Hi, It’s Deb Here…


Autumn is the season to let go of the deadwood and the outmoded in our life so we can continue to grow, to move along our own path, toward our own vision. In the letting go the old ways of relating and Doing, Life can change, evolve, step up in a way that cannot happen when we hold on.


The Autumn Equinox is the time to let go of the past and create Your Vision for life You are meant to live.


Major times of transformation and change can create stress…feeling wound up, anxious, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite, weight gain, negative thoughts in an ongoing loop in our head, quick to react and criticize. Sound familiar?


We become stressed when we feel we have NO CHOICE.


At any given moment we have the choice to react to life = stress or RESPOND to life…to BE present, balanced, centred and en-JOY life from that space.


Most often I see people who are reacting to their life: their job/ bosses; their partners; their parents, their inner selves and to life.


When we react we can feel angry, fear of loss and separation or we could feel resentment, grief and guilt …all this leads to a feeling of NO Choice, and No Choice equals stress.


These emotional patterns are REACTIONS to stress, and stress can come from fear.


When we are in stress our right brain (filled with creative solutions) and our frontal lobe ( where present time and most recent memory sit) go into shutdown mode.


This leaves the back left quadrant of the brain handling ‘The Situation’, the home of old memories (The Past) and where neuro-scientists have found that FEAR sits. So our REACTIONS to life come from fear.





Head hold and breathe…place your hand across the forehead and it adds blood flow to the frontal lobe and the limbic system (Home of Emotions), bringing you back into Present Time and calming you down.


Placing your hand across the back bump of your skull helps all quadrants to talk to each other giving you a Whole brain response.


Now BREATHE through your NOSE…IN for 4, hold for 2, OUT for 4, hold for 2. 9 repetitions.


When we RESPOND to life we are WILLING to release resistance and make Changes that are positive and in support of ourselves and our goals, we are filled with Assurance life will only throw at us what we can handle, we have a sense of Oneness with others, our self and Life.


Or we have Interest in creating the life we are seeking, we are Equal to the challenge to do so…all this leads to the CHOICE to live the life we are meant to…a life with meaning that is Calm and Present.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Be kind.
And True to You.



It’s Autumn! What Can I Work On?


Well, we could start by making the transition into Autumn easier! And use the energy of the Autumn Equinox to remove the dead wood, let go of the past and create Your Vision for life You are Meant to Live.


Do You know the Top 5 reasons to book a Personal Consultation? 

  • Over the struggle of Surviving & want to Thrive, taking Your life to the next level
  • Want to improve a relationship with Yourself or someone else
  • Feel stuck and want to find calm and clarity
  • Want support, tools & techniques to help You with Your search for Purpose in Life
  • Want to find work that is meaningful, that You love and be fulfilled by it


Every service I offer is designed to fill these needs and so much more.


The bottom line is, I love helping others create their own Positive Change in their lives.


Positive Change is:

  • Making choices that are in support of you and your goals
  • Seeking better results for the effort you put into Life and
  • Achieving MORE easily


If you’d like some help with this, I’d love to hear from You.
Just let me know and we can arrange an appointment time that is best for You.
All the best always,


Make time for You.
Become lighter, happier, clear on your purpose.

Time to Rescue Your Resolutions

What You Focus on Grows



Are you focused on the hate?
Or Loving What You Do?
To create Love, focus on Love.
That is Success.
What You Focus on Grows



Quote for the Week

“How hurtful it can be to deny one’s true self and live a life of lies just to appease others.”


– June Ahern



Hi, It’s Deb Here…


WOW! What a week it’s been!


The Virgo Full Moon has been keeping many clients busy reorganising their lives, priorities, values, cupboards health and finances….focusing on the fine details of life.


Many have reported difficulty sleeping too.


On the back of the Aquarian New Moon 2 weeks ago, perfectly timed to help create lofty BIG Visions of your BIG future, the Virgo Full Moon helps bring these projects and visions into physical reality. It also highlights our fears so we can analyse them and let them go as no longer relevant to Life now.


Use the Write And Rip exercise to release the fears, then headhold and breathe ( 9 reps) to release the emotional energy and begin to imagine your projects and visions materialising easily before your eyes. Focus on how you feel when they come to fruition, breathing them in and filling your body with the feelings.


It’s a productive replacement for the stressing you were doing if you couldn’t sleep, as is listening to a Guided Meditation to help you find the stillness within.



It’s Time to Rescue Your 2019 Theme & New Year’s Resolutions


We are now coming into the last week of February and I just have to ask…


How are Your New Year’s Resolutions coming along?


Are you on track or did they get derailed by work and the people you love? “Other Priorities”?


NOW is the time to remind yourself who’s life you are living. 
THEN you have more energy for those you love and the other priorities.




When you SHOW support and follow through on your promises your brain loves it…it does more for You! It changes the ways you think and feel about yourself to The Positive-and-In-Support- of-You mode, so you become healthier, have more energy and a whole lot MORE!


It helps you to build Your Self Esteem & Self Confidence …EASILY!


The question is, as well as your Theme & New Year Resolutions,  where else are you offering yourself empty promises?


Every time you make a promise with yourself Like “I’ll get up at 6am tomorrow and go jogging” or “ I will give up chocolate for a month starting Monday” and you don’t follow through with action your brain stops believing you.


So when you want to make a decision or get a gut reaction or listen to your intuition you can feel confused and out of balance.


From previous experience you have taught your brain you are more committed to follow through for others rather than yourself… your Boss because you promise and deliver repeatedly AND put a lot of emotion (often fear) and energy  into making sure you do it.


You have hardwired your brain to step beyond the call of duty for your Boss, colleagues, clients, customers, Mum, Dad, kids, partner and friends…because you have done so repeatedly and consistently.


And THEN you wonder why you feel badly about yourself, feel under-appreciated, taken for granted and with no energy for You? You have hardwired your brain by repeated thoughts, emotions and actions to put others before yourself so that when they ask your automated REACTION  is “yes” even though you might be in the middle of something very important to you.


Sound familiar?


The Good News is we can change that.


We can give You  your Life back, so you can CHOOSE to RESPOND to the requests rather than REACT on automatic default mode.


NOW is the time to CHOOSE to take responsibility for making your Vision of a better life/ job/ relationship/ health/ bank balance/ travel etc REALITY. When you take responsibility  you can RESPOND in the MOMENT, you can make CHOICES that are POSITIVE and in SUPPORT of You and Your goals.


This starts with creating a strategy. Remember: Foresight = Vision  + Strategy. Start by writing down your Vision and the Strategy as you see it now. This assists you to get your goal more easily….goals written down are 80% more successful!


What’s the Next Step?Which question is more like You?


Do you now ask “What’s the first step in this strategy?”


Or do you say to yourself “ I don’t know where to start?”, “I’m stuck”, “I’m not good/ rich/ worthy enough”…because that’s exactly what your brain is giving you. More “I don’t know”, more stuck, more ‘not enough’.


So ASK…What is the Next Step? Then DO it!! Act!!


This means that you take the vision, you ask ‘What is the next step?” and You DO it. Usually it’s a little step then another and another. Toward where and who you want to be. 




If you ignore the next step? It nags. And nags. It becomes procrastination (if only Hamlet knew that!), self sabotage and fuels the self defeating thoughts and feelings streaming  through your body draining you of energy. Argh!


The difference is- what are You going to DO to move toward where you want to be? Who You want to BE? Well, the easier response would be to go DO the Next Step so you can get on with living.


Remember: “What is the Next Step?” keeps us moving TOWARD our vision making our goals a reality.


Most often, we have buried the next step under all those negative feelings/ thoughts/ habits so we forget what the next step was.


That’s a good time to come in for an appointment. So you can find clarity and focus again and the energy to get back on track.



Your Future Your Vision…the Life You are Meant to Be Living


When you have a vision of yourself of climbing Your mountain – whatever that maybe- of receiving an award, the kiss of a beloved one,  the recognition of a job well done – it rarely comes with the moment to moment challenges, the one-step-in-front-of- another-choices of everyday toward that vision that help us get there.


“ The first step binds one to the second.” French Proverb


Yet every vision has a first step, then another, then another. Some are clearer than others, others reveal themselves – they become a part of the process of you moving toward the Life You are Meant to Be Living.


Other steps, other resources drop away when they are no longer in support of Your Vision. This is a natural part of the cycles of life, yet we hang on, hold tightly to people, habits and ways of thinking that we have outgrown…and struggle with maintaining something where the energy has dropped out.


Remember it is Your Vision. No one elses. So unless the people around you have achieved their vision, it is rare they will understand the nagging, aching, committed reality you have to Your vision.


Because it is YOUR Vision. Commit to Your Vision. Take RESPONSIBILITY for it’s positive outcome.


An athlete spends years of focus and moment to moment choices (often from childhood) to win a race. An Opera singer’s voice matures at 40 years of age… that’s a lot of daily practice and choices toward their vision! Performers often joke that it took them 30 years to become an “overnight success”.


One step in front of another…asking “ Is this drawing me toward my vision, or does it pull me away?”


When I was about 10 years of age I had a vision for what I wanted to be when I grew up. I am doing it now. The same sense I received then still deeply resonates inside me daily… in Personal Consultations with clients and running workshops and classes. It is for all of this and more that I chose over 20 years ago to study kinesiology. It took a lot of searching to find, then one step after another through my own quagmires and years of toxic muddy corporate workplaces always seeking and often succeeding to light a spark in others about their own vision and ability to Live it.


And here I am living the life I am meant to. My heart sings.


And that is precisely how the Living Life Passionately workshop came about. In my corporate life I was training my staff to create the life they were REALLY wanted, using kinesiology techniques. And guess what? Their productivity improved, they were happier and sick leave dropped. They were moving TOWARD their vision, and are now living them. Along with hundreds of clients who have attended the Living Life Passionately workshop since 2005.


Living Life Passionately is living Your Life, Your Vision with Love, Commitment and Purpose. Your Vision adds meaning to Your Life. By DO – ing it!


Now is the time to find Your Vision, take responsibility for making it happen, create the strategy, clear what’s blocking it, and one step after another make your vision a reality.


And that’s a REALLY good reason to come in for your next Personal Consultation, or come along to Masterful Goal Getting or Living Life Passionately later in the year!



Quality Resources


You know I love sharing quality resources to motivate, educate and inspire.


Want to understand how your Kinesiology/ Neuro-training Consultations work? Here’s a reminder:


How to Stop Being Yourself: Dr Joe Dispenza and How to Reprogram Your Mind


Part 2/ How to Stop Being Yourself: Dr Joe Dispenza on Breaking the Chains of Self Imposed Limitations


Looking for a Quick Calm?


Deepak Chopra’s go-to 3-minute meditation to stay focused


I love to receive your photos, video clips, songs, book suggestions and other valuable resources to share with Deb’s Community. Thank you! Please keep them coming.


Be kind.
And True to You.

Loving You

What You Focus on Grows



Are you focused on the hate?
The experiences?
Or The Love?
To create Love, focus on Love.

What You Focus on Grows



Quote for the Week


“Just look at my life path! Why, oh why, have I always been so harsh with myself? Why was I always beating myself up? Why was I always forsaking myself? Why did I never stand up for myself and show the world the beauty of my own soul?


Why was I always suppressing my intelligence and creativity to please others? I betrayed myself every time I said yes when I meant no! Why have I violated myself by always needing to seek approval from others just to be myself? Why haven’t I followed my own beautiful heart and spoken my own truth?” Anita Moorjani, Dying To Be Me



Hi, It’s Deb Here…


The Ignite Your Heart workshop is coming up this Sunday and I LOVE it’s no.1 outcome…seeing each member of the class as they leave the workshop at the end of the day with a new sense of self confidence and assurance. They hold themselves taller and are comfortable in their body. They glow with a sense of KNOWING who they are. They have discovered their own personal secret and their BFF, in their heart.


That’s a game changer to their whole life on so many levels. Which is the reason why so many IYH grads love to revisit and take the IYH training deeper to a whole new level.


You may have noticed from the content of Breathe newsletters that it is currently workshop & class season with plenty on offer to add the icing to your Personal Consultations.


All the classes & workshops are designed by someone (me) who dislikes attending workshops and classes. So they have been designed to create a relaxed, safe, fun and productive learning environment.


That means each workshop or class is ALL about You and set up so that You get the most from your learning experience. For those of you who are looking for like-minded others you have the opportunity to do that too. Scroll for more FAQ about Deb’s Classes/ Workshop.


So if you are over feeling at loss with your friendships and relationships at times, or the anxiety, doubt and overwhelm of dating, workplace politics or letting go of old relationships to make room for better ones, come along to Ignite Your Heart. It’d be wonderful to see you here!



Loving You


As the old song goes, “Loving You is easy because you are beautiful”, yet mostly we focus on our flaws and mistakes rather than on our beauty and what we add to the world.


To change this you can create new habits, implement a life long practice like breathing and eating, to ensure you are consistently creating the loving relationship with Yourself each moment of each day.


Self Love is All You Need


You know when you feel good the world knows It. You hold your head high, you walk with purpose, your posture is straight and your eyes are shining like your grin. When you are feeling bad about yourself your retreat into yourself as you recoil in fear from the world, your shoulders slump, you mumble and have difficulty looking others in the eye.


You are constantly communicating who you are to the world, the way you walk, talk, hold yourself, the clothes you wear, the way you behave, the music/ peeps/ movies/ box sets you love, who you hang with and what you love doing are all communicating You to the world.


Feeling uncomfortable in your life? Notice the message you are sending out into the world. Is it really you? Or someone you use to be? Tweak it or change it to who you are now or who you want to grow to be. Then you begin to BE Your True Self.



Growing Your Self Esteem, Self Worth and Confidence


Start to listen to Your Inner Voice…it may be nagging you to stop something, do something or begin something new….over and over and over again. You know that voice…it is always gentle, kind and loving AND repetitive. At other times your Inner Voice may gently and lovingly guide you to where you need to be to create the Life You are Meant to Be Living.


Begin NOW to Listen and ACT on the Inner Voice’s messages. They will always be loving, kind and positive. Some call it a Gut Feeling, a vibe, their intuition or their Nagging Inner Voice ( funnily enough).


The more you listen and act on Your Inner Voice the stronger your self esteem, self confidence and self worth will BE. And that’s the secret to BEing Your True Self.



When We Change the Communication We Change the Relationship


Sometimes we get into habits of communicating that no longer support us or the health of the relationship. And because they are habits that can creep up on us, we are often unaware they have become ‘default’ modes.


Then for some strange reason we can think that it is okay to speak with those we love most with least respect.


As with fears, old habits can be released and new habits created that are positive and in support of you and your goals. You begin to communicate clearly, from your heart.


By changing the communication You change the relationship.


Ignite Your Heart highlights the key to changing any relationship – with yourself, with your loved ones, with your colleagues, anyone – is to change the communication.


Ignite Your Heart was created in 2011 consolidating years of research, experience and guidance with the intention to assist clients, their family and friends to heal the relationship with themselves and those around them.


We can do the deep work in a Personal Consultation at the office. Or you can clear the rubbish to go deeper and come along to Ignite Your Heart and learn to:


Be Heard
Know What You Want and Ask for It
Be Respected and Admired
Be Connected
Communicate Your True Self better
And so much MORE!


As you become clearer on who you are and what your want from life, you let go of the old fears and habits and begin to communicate more clearly. Your True Self.


Looking forward to seeing you in a Personal Consultation or Ignite Your Heart soon.


In the meantime, be kind and True to You.


Wishing You All the Best Always,