It’s Time To Listen

About Anzac Day



A big part of my role as a Kinesiologist/ Neuro-trainer includes assisting clients to let go of the pain of their past so they can find the energy to create their dream of their future.


For some clients this may mean releasing the pain of the darkest parts of life including abuse, war and the injustices of life.


There is no doubt, in the best of times and the worst of times, I have your back.


So it’s no surprise I go into your defence when boundaries are breached and service to life is disrespected.


It saddens me deeply when I hear of paramedics, police, fireys, life savers and hospital emergency crews assaulted while working to maintain life.


It saddened me as a child to watch shocked and displaced local Vietnam Vets return home from war, in service to their country, expecting to receive a hero’s welcome like the generations before them only to receive anger, outrage and neglect.


I have worked with many clients from the Armed Forces over the past 20 years. This anger, neglect and abuse continues within the community, and their own.


This was highlighted in the 2014 STC/ ADF production of A Long Way Home . Being a part of the audience, witness to the healing it created for members of the Australian Defence Force and their families was one of the most profound experiences of my life.


The Light is always present.
Sometimes you need to remind yourself to look for it.
What You Focus on Grows.


The key is to focus on healing. It is important that I make time in my schedule to use my skills and ability to heal my own sadness and anger about these situations so I can help you to heal You and those on the frontline to heal too.


Those on the front line of Service can neglect to look after themselves, lack the energy or ability to ask for help especially when they have seen and experienced the worst of life. It often takes repeated requests through the white noise in their head from those that love them to make healing a priority. Connection and stepping into life again are their reward.


In an ideal world, war and pain inflicted by one human to another, and to their environment ( air, water, soil, animals, etc) would be obsolete. Everyone, everything is connected.


This is the human, earthbound world, the dream, The Story, we have created for ourselves.By focusing on the fear we are all contributing players. It’s a part of the human existence.


I am often asked by clients feeling overwhelmed and defeated, “how can this horrible world change?”


When we feel we have no choice, we go into stress.


Find the Choice in every moment of Your Life.


Make one positive Choice after another. Clearly, positively in support of your values, of the Life you want to be living, the life you want around you. Let it radiate from you.


The thing is, you are already doing it. Your life now is a reflection of what you believe about yourself, the people around you, the community/ country you live in and the values that motivate you.


Take a moment this weekend to check in. Notice what “gets your back up”, what boundary is being breached.


Our outside world can be a reflection of our inner world. Ask yourself where in your life you can change a habit, a thought, a belief, a reaction that shows what you DO value, that is in support of this value.


Decide what you want to be remembered for and BEcome that person.



“How can one person change the world Deb? What I do won’t make a difference” clients remark. I disagree….the one person resuscitating you makes a difference. The one lifesaver on his board rescuing you from the rip is making a difference. The ANZAC soldier on assignment in the Middle East giving Iraqi’s medical training is making a difference. The one fireman pulling you from the burning building saving you from the flames is making a difference. The police pulling you over for speeding, or protecting you when you feel threatened, the ambo attending to you at the scene of an accident, are each making a difference. The doctor at the Emergency ward removing the piece of glass from your leg makes a difference.


And with the one person are a team of individuals working together with a common goal. Working in the Highest Good of All.


One person makes a difference. It’s one of the reasons I do what I do, to remind You that You make a difference to every life you touch. Do it in a way you want to be remembered.



This Anzac Day honour each of those individual lives that gave themselves and those that continue to give themselves for the Highest Good, so that we have the Choice to Live our lives today the way we choose. Make it the Life You Are Meant to be Living, that is meaningful to you…filled with love, commitment and purpose. In the Highest Good.


I have spent many Anzac Days in country towns around Australia, at the Dawn Service, listening to local stories and watching core values in action as the fabric of our culture. Especially on Anzac Day when you pay attention to the stories of families and communities devastated by the losses of war. Towns reduced to handfuls of people after individual after individual left to go to war and create a Greater Good. There is no hero worship. There is respect for those who gave their life so that we can enjoy the life we have today.These visits continue to fill my heart.


As do the Dawn Services on Anzac Day in Coogee. The local events I have attended over the years still give me goosebumps and bring tears to the eyes. The ongoing sense of community with the people I met that day is remarkable.


And proof that What You Focus on Grows.



It’s Time To Listen…


There is a LOT of busy-ness going on. It’s the time of year we are sorting, LETTING GO, weeding, re-organising. It can feel like, the more we do the more there is to do. So it seems.


Please take the time to LISTEN to your life over the next 6 weeks. Notice where in your Life you are doing well, where things are effortless, where they flow, where there is JOY.


Notice also where things seem harder, where they take extra effort or you feel like you are pushing rocks up a hill, just to repeat it again tomorrow. Does this mean there is something wrong? To get rid of that part of your life? Maybe.


Mostly it’s about looking at the situation differently, looking for new solutions and belief systems rather than those based on self-sacrifice or “No Pain, No Gain”. And if you get stuck, a Personal Consultation can help.



By taking this time to review, just a few moments each day, it keeps you on course and allows you to catch the breeze that will help you fly easily.


Be kind, and True to You.