Corporate Training

Many businesses today are seeking ways to engage their staff and offer programs which offer a more holistic benefit which is a move away from the more traditional team building and skills programs.


Using Kinesiology techniques, my workshops and personal consultations can provide long term benefits to the individual and the organisation. The skills taught enable the participants to improve their focus and motivation, and to increase and sustain a healthy positive attitude to life.


These skills lead to a workforce with:


  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction in sick leave and staff turnover
  • Greater engagement by staff in the organisational culture
  • More focused employees


All of the classes and workshops described below are adapted to Company culture and are presented onsite in the workplace. Pricing is determined by the needs of the company, the number of participants and the size of the room available.


Programs Available

Corporate Calm: 1 hour meditation classes for Corporate designed to improve focus, productivity and increase calm.


Potential Realised: Personal kinesiology consultations to clear the blocks to performance excellence and goal getting.


Living Life Passionately: 3 day workshop. The Living Life Passionately Workshops are the opportunity for creating real and profound change. Participants learn to create the Life that they love by design, with commitment and purpose.


Or contact Deborah on +61 408 600 410 or email  for further information.



Participants from the ATO, Amgen, Pfizer and Be Learning (amongst others) found their focus, productivity and sense of calm improved after Deborah’s Corporate Calm classes.



I personally have found Deborah’s classes to be invaluable and so worthwhile. On each occasion Deborah has demonstrated very effective and practical exercises that can be used not only to aid in relaxation, but also to ease tension associated with desk-related work, stimulate brain activity, and improve memory and concentration – all of which are applicable to the workplace. The meditation sessions at the end of each class have been extremely beneficial and I have returned to my desk feeling relaxed, energised and focused.


/ ATO, Technology

I really enjoyed the class, I found all the exercises useful, relaxing and energizing.



Thanks for your relaxation classes, they were very enjoyable, stimulating, helpful & necessary as we learnt to cope with the daily tension & stress of an office environment. Please come back soon , we need your training!

Some comments from the staff at Pfizer…


/ Statistics

I found the classes useful and very positive.


I enjoyed the classes and I have implemented some useful things- such as increased water intake etc. I think Deb is great- very calm.


Contact Deborah on +61 408 600 410 or email for further information.