Making the Most of Winter


Quote of the Week

” When you have faith in yourself, you follow every instinct that you were born with. You have no doubt about what you are, and you return to common sense. You have all the power of your authenticity; you trust yourself, you trust life.”
– don Miguel Ruiz, Toltec Healer and Master, Author



Hi there,


The last week or so have been creating a great deal of change and as a result I’ve been hearing from clients feeling anxious, exhausted and cranky, feeling deeply lonely, experiencing ‘bad’dreams, panic attacks, feeling really down, and wobbly.


Head holding and breathing has been a popular way of moving through through this. Many have been asking for Personal Consultations asking to let go of the past and their old habits and patterns.With 5 planets retrograde ( appearing to move backwards) offering the opportunity and challenge to heal, it is helping us to sort through what no longer works in our lives and choosing what we want to take with us as we move forward. Now is a great time to do it!


Winter is the season to spend quiet time with yourself, to explore what is truly important to you and to clear what gets in the way of you living that Life.


These newsletters are a tool for you to make time for yourself. They are designed to offer you insight and inspiration giving you a bigger context on life.


And to provide information drawn from the ancient wisdoms that are connected to the hardwiring of our brain that cause us to respond to life the way we do. Like the overwhelming desire to hibernate during winter, or to stay in bed snuggled up warm and comfy.


The cold of Winter allows us time and space to stay indoors, to release the coldness (fear) within ourselves so that we can find our warmth within and strengthen it.


It is for this reason that I offer You Ignite Your Heart in Winter. It’s Divinely timed to help you receive MORE from the workshop on Sunday August 4, as “Under the Leo Sun, the Universe will be calling us to take a break from our pain and suffering and to instead, focus on finding our joy again. Leo rules over the heart and this is our time to invite more love in. Inspire yourself. Invite love and relaxation in. Fall in love with your life again. For when you do, you will feel powerful, strong, and motivated…” Perfect! Ignite Your Heart is designed to “Open Your heart to a life filled with Love, doing what you Love, surrounded by those you Love being around. A truly inspired life!” Early Bird Offer Closes THIS Friday so be quick to book! Friends and family welcome too!


As you scroll you’ll through this Breathe, you’ll find some insight and new ways to look at fear, release it and strengthen yourself.



Making the Most of Winter


Remember, Winter is THE time of year to ‘go within’ and discover who you truly are.


It’s also the time that Fears come to the surface to help you heal them and live the life you are meant to be living.


Especially the fears that stop you in your tracks, prevent you from moving forward, keep you stuck.



You and Your Fears


Do You Recognise these Fears?


Fear of Failure?
Fear of Success?
Fear of Being Found Out?
Fear of Rejection? of Not Being Liked/ Accepted?
Fear of Loss? Of Money-Lifestyle/ Of Love-Loved One/ Of Health etc


Sound familiar? You are in good company- these are the Top 5 Fears I assist clients to release in their Personal Consultations daily so they can create the Life they are meant to be living.


Add to these fears…


The fear of change, eg. meeting new people or starting a new job
The fear of speaking in public or at a meeting
The fear of knowing AND asking for what you want
The fear of telling others how you feel


They are all fears I help clients release in appointments, and a whole lot more.


Winter is the time they come to the surface so we can no longer ignore them or distract ourselves from releasing them.


And Winter is the time to heal fear more easily.


Fear comes from a primal response in the brain. At some point you brain believed your survival was threatened and created a fear and the fear response, ie. the adrenal response to either run or fight.


So whether there was a lion in front of you or not your brain responded as if there was. This belief keeps you stuck at the time you created the fear, even though you have long left the ‘jungle’ and have nothing to do with lions.


Everyone wants Change, however few face the fears that day to day prevent them from creating the Change they desire.



So What to Do?


The Rewards of Change need to become greater than the fear itself.


And the desire to become greater than who we are needs to become more desirable than the need to hold onto the pain of fear.


At sometime in the past you have stepped up and out of your fears, eg. when another is in need or has required your help. You then chose to step out of your old patterns of fear to create a new and better way of living. Life rewards action.


However most believe that overcoming fear is a matter of ‘Man –ing Up”, “Sucking it Up” that overcoming fear is a matter of more force. In true Survival situations when your life is at risk this can be so. The brain kicks in the adrenals to force you to “Fight or Flight” so you can survive.


This rarely occurs in daily life and still the adrenals are reacting as if you are threatened because of all the Busy Busy Running Running no rest or recuperation lifestyle that our modern age promotes as ‘success’ and ‘living’, which overtime if left unchecked can create adrenal burnout.


In Neuro-training Kinesiology we work with the healing principle that the way you think about Life affects the way you feel about Life which then affects the way you ‘do’ Life.


So if you are ‘doing’ high adrenal stress, lots of coffee, lots of exercise thinking you are getting fit ( those rock hard muscles you have may be hypertonic- a symptom of adrenal exhaustion) and eating on the run without sufficient rest and recuperation time – then you are going to be reacting to all of life as if you are in the jungle threatened by the lion.


Learning to Centre, Calm, Be Present, Listen to your inner self, become your own best friend and your True Self are ways of RESPONDING to Life that takes you out of fear and into enJOYing Life.


This starts with making the Choice to admit to yourself that some of the choices you have made in the past are no longer supporting your long term health.



They have become blocks to being the happy, healthy, vibrant kind of 60, 70 or 80 year old you want to be. If you listen to older people they are often still living the fears of their youth, and accepting pain as the way life is.Wrong!


If you think that bad back, knee injury, or fear of others not liking you are problems now – just add 20 or 30 years to these parts of your life NOW. What we focus on we get more of (avoidance takes focus too) . Life rewards action.


When Australia’s top golfer Greg Norman was interviewed on Australian Story on ABC TV he was asked what was the secret to his success. He said that each night on his way to the showers he would look himself in the eye and ask “ Where are 3 ways I stuffed up today? How can I change that/ do better tomorrow?” Then get on with it.


Norman’s success came from a mix of intuition and his ability to take risk – knowing sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. How often do you make a choice based on your’gut reaction’ knowing it may deliver the outcome you desire, something more, or not?


By thinking differently about your life now you will build new neural pathways in the brain that help you toward where you want to be NOW and in later life.


Be kind and true to You,