Living Life Purposefully – Sydney


Sydney, Australia, 2011

This course was amazing! Such a great way to get on track to living your dreams. I can really recommend it!


Sydney, Australia, 2012

Living Life Passionately is a practical workshop that offers amazing tools to help find direction in life.


Sydney, Australia, 2012

Living Life Passionately is a tool to better navigate through life!


Sydney, Australia, 2010 and 2012

A profound process of tuning into your life direction, looking at it, healing and finding a solution, AWESOME!

Matt describes Living Life Passionately as..

“interactive, purposeful, powerful and practical.”

Living Life Purposefully 2024

2 Day Workshop

Day 1: 9am -5pm Sunday May 26
Day 2: 9am-5pm Sunday June 30

Yes! Living Life Passionately has been revised & elevated!

The best & most effective core of the original workshop utilising kinesiology tools & processes  now has NEW key additions including the learnings & resources from Mel Robbins, Dr Daniel Amen & Dr Joe Dispenza, the creating & living Heaven on Earth research of Dr Bruce Lipton, the research of longevity expert Dr Mario Martinez, and MORE.

Why the change?
Since 2006, after each workshop I would assess the learning processes, outcomes & feedback to create the best outcome for all participants.

Over the years an undercurrent of the driving force of the workshop shifted from “Passion”, by definition associating the external motivation of suffering & attachment with the process.
This needed to change.

This Changed.
With Purpose.

“Purpose” grew from a key element of Living Life Passionately to the core.
As an internal process, Purpose is the reason each of us exists, creates
meaning to our Life, offering direction, a guide to our path, behaviour & goals.

Outer motivation became the inner inspiration.

That’s the way to Live the Life You are Meant to… the Life that is meaningful to You.

When you read the following feedback from Grads you’ll notice all of this was clearly already in play and they are now living it.

So it was time to call it and change the title so the energy of the workshop can fully own it.

Creating a Purposeful Life, with Love, Commitment & Gratitude creates Joy.
So here we are!!

Welcome to Living Life Purposefully…with Love, Commitment, Gratitude & Joy.

New Dates for Next Workshop

Day 1: 9am – 5pm Sunday May 26, 2024
Day 2: 9am- 5pm Sunday June 30, 2024

Fee: $497

Early Bird Offer: $397 FINISHES Friday May 10, 2024

$100 deposit secures you place, balance due on Day 1

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Day 1

  • Discover the career, relationships, health or body you want
  • Create a positive change to your finances
  • Strengthen your self image
  • Get yourself on track

Day 2

  • Create a healthy heart space
  • Communicate your true self clearly
  • Become clearer in your life purpose, stronger in your personal conviction
  • Connect to your spirit

Living Life Purposefully workshop includes:

Introductory assessment – PLUS

2 Day workshop incl Morning & Afternoon Tea – PLUS

Workbook – PLUS

Essence of Change drops

Total price of workshop package:  $497

Early Bird Offer: $397 FINISHES Friday May 10, 2024

Email Deb to BOOK NOW and save $100!

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Sms +61408 600 410

To Enrol: Pay $100 deposit or the full amount to secure your place, refundable upon provision of 48 hours notice of non- attendance
Balance is required on the day of the workshop.

Isn’t it time You lived a Purposeful Life?
A Meaningful Life, filled with Love, Commitment, Gratitude and Joy?

This workshop gives you the tools to make it happen!

LP 2009 Grad Tiffany was the first to travel from Brissy to attend the workshop with her best buddy in Sydney. They are both now living extraordinary lives by their own design, a credit to themselves for learning to live their lives filled with love, commitment and purpose. One of Tiff’s goals was to make a difference and travel…she is now in Cambodia living this and I’ve had the privilege with Tiff’s friends to be sharing this amazing and inspiring journey on FB. Tiff emailed me last night to let you know,” I love how the Cambodians have showed me to live life to the fullest from within themselves and not from outside:)”

Now THAT’S Living Life Passionately!

” Living Life Passionately it’s an amazing class with tools for positive change” Grad 2011

The REAL Question is….

Are You Ready to Take the Opportunity for Real Change in Your Life?

The Living Life Purposefully Workshops are that Opportunity.

Living Life Purposefully is living the Life You Love, with Commitment, Gratitude & Joy.

Do you have particular goals or a lifestyle in mind that keep eluding you?
Do you want to do things differently?
Discover your Life purpose?
Then this is the workshop for you!

Superficially our Top 3 causes of stress are money, relationships and our health.

This workshop will look at each in depth from an alternative perspective to create real and tangible change in your life.

Discover what Living Life Purposefully is for You and make it happen.

This is a HUGE workshop – according to all participants – with a tonne of information and tools to use during and after the workshop to keep the process moving.

The kind of happy clients seek when they visit me comes from a need for deep fulfillment, a sense of contributing to a bigger picture.

It is from these quests that Living Life Purposefully was created, in answer to these very personal and profound questions:

Am I living the life I set out to live? Following what makes Me curious? What fills Me up?

Or am I leading the life my parents designed for me? Or the Life my friends, or others expect of me?

Or “well I’d really like to be a “….” but if it’s not meant to be, then that’s okay”.

In what world is that okay?

This is YOUR Life. If you have the desire and curiosity it is Your dream to pursue.

Your vision, uniquely yours. Because you are unique.

Now is an important time to look seriously at your life and ask:

Am I really doing what I love?

Am I living where I love living? The lifestyle I enjoy?

Do I have the quality of relationships with my family and friends that sits comfortably with me?

Am I comfortable with myself?

These are all questions we answer in Living Life Purposefully, and a whole lot more.

A Note from Deborah:

I LOVE the Living Life Purposefully workshop and the change it creates. It astounds me. Yet there is one key ingredient…. You must be committed to making changes that will make a difference in your life. This is no magic wand. The workshop meets your level of commitment to yourself and your desire for change and doubles it, it then makes it easier and gentler. And you can see that by reading the testimonials.

When are you going to make Yourself REALLY Happy?

THIS is the time to make it happen!

How often have you heard yourself say I’ll be really happy when

  • I get the perfect job
  • I sort out my relationship, I find the Perfect Guy/Girl
  • I lose weight
  • I have more money
  • I know myself better
  • I’ve just gotta GET THROUGH the next month?
  • Need help to get on track?
  • Not sure what you want or why you were born?

It’s time for You to Discover what Living Life Purposefully is for You and Make it Happen Now.

STOP putting off Your Happiness

Living Life Purposefully gives you the tools to and MAKE it happen now.

Living Life Purposefully is about living the life you are meant to – the Life that is Meaningful to You – with Love, Commitment, Gratitude & Joy

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Isn’t it time You lived a Purposeful Life? Filled with Love, Commitment, Gratitude & Joy.

This workshop gives you the tools to make it happen!

Living Life Purposefuly…with Love, Commitment, Gratitude & Joy!

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Are YOU ready to Live the Life You are Meant to? Filled with Love, commitment and purpose?

To Enrol: Pay $100 deposit or the full amount to secure your place, refundable upon provision of 48 hours notice of non- attendance
Balance is required on the day of the workshop.

Email Deborah or call +61408600410  for further information or click the button to REGISTER  now

Learn to Live Life Purposefully – with Love, Commitment, Gratitude & Joy.

Living Life Purposefully is jam packed with loads of information, kinesiology tools and techniques. Combined with the healing power of music and the ancient chakra system to assist you to discover and let go of mental and emotional blocks preventing you from Living the Life You are Meant to so that you can create the meaningful life your heart desires.

Want to achieve your 7 year vision and goals in 3 years? That’s one of the reasons I LOVE teaching this programme! Because it happens! Would you like that for your Life?

Where do you want to be before the end of the year? Where you are OR Somewhere BETTER?

This workshop offers you a real opportunity to make profound and practical change in your life – And Learn to Live Life Purposefully!



It has been over a year since I did the course and I marvel at how it has helped me grow and take control of my life and direct it to where I want to be. At the time it cleared away the cobwebs and enabled me to achieve the clarity and sense of purpose I was seeking, especially in my career; then I forgot about it. Fast forward eight-nine months and a change in life direction gave me a kick to focus again on what I had learnt in LLP and apply the lessons again. It seems in the background that my brain had taken its own journey over that time so the process to apply the LLP lessons was easier, and again the sense of purpose and direction helped guide me to the result I wanted. I now appreciate a lot more what I achieved in the course and keep it top of mind. To me LLP is the gift that keeps on giving, there are fundamental teachings which you can take with you anywhere, anytime, which enable a continued growth within you.


From Craig’s brother-in-law who flew from QLD twice to attend in October & November 2010

Living Life Passionately has helped me to reconnect with the true me and get back on the path and direction that is intended for my life. For those who can related to the feeling of being lost with no direction and a little unsure of taking steps LLP has giving me the tools and action plan to get things going again. It has help me reconnect with spirit and move forward in my direction, with strength, purpose, drive, confidence and commitment. I think it is best to say that it helped me clean away the junk that had caused me to loose my way and loose me and I am now more of myself than ever before. I am believing again that everything is possible and that I can do anything. After the death of my wife it is fair to say that I completely lost my way. I did work that allowed my to meet the needs of my family. I was good at what I did and made very good money but felt like I was prostituting myself, I was not living with passion, purpose or direction. Do that for 5 years and you can get your self into a serious rut. If you have ever felt lost, felt like you needed a change in your direction, perhaps feel you are not fulfilling a life’s calling or purpose or just want confirmation that you are travelling in the right direction then LLP is a must. If you are not interested in change and looking for a whinge group get on your bike and peddle hard on home to mum. In LLP Deb gives you activities that help you not only make things clearer but allow you to move forward in the right direction. Because of the centeredness, you will not feel inflated with hot air but rather be driven by and internal passion. The peace of knowing you are moving in the right direction makes things easier. It has for me. The support of being in a room of like minded people is comforting. What I get from Deb is inner strength. Wholeness, Purpose, Direction. You know when you are going in the right direction your confidence comes from within and you don’t need to ask for others opinions, that’s what I get in bucket loads. Deb doesn’t waffle or send you on a Easter egg hunt. She understand that you are investing in yourself and you need a return. Direct steps, action plans, understanding yet honesty, commitment to your life success. It may sound like I am on commission sales, but I can not explain to you the difference Deb has made in me. And this benefits my children. Growth in me is a great model for them. Open your minds and heart and take a step on faith. For me it has made a huge difference to my life and I truly believe if you are wanting change, answers or issues resolved you can get what you need from Deb.


Coogee Sydney NSW Australia

Hi Deb, I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you. I am just home and digesting all the things we went through today. I have so much more conviction around my plans which is exactly what I wanted to get out of today. I am thrilled to be confident that I am doing the right thing and that its ok to take a bit of a risk if it is what I want. I am full of the confidence do carry through my plans over the next 6 months and I am happy about it. I am also going to make a start with my relationship with dad – that voice coach will be a big help I hope. Thanks again for everything you have given me.

Monique Ellis

Managing Director / Wunderkind, Sydney, NSW, Australia, Graduate 2008

Completing Living Life Passionately allowed me to accelerate my life in many areas. I have been able to remove a lot of baggage I had accumulated throughout my life adventures, let it go to move forward. It opened my eyes to the importance of self value, ensuring that your beliefs are in line with your values as well as your short and long term goals. The only thing that holds us back and stops us from living the life that we want and deserve to live; is ourselves. LLP has been huge stepping stone for me. It has allowed me to realise my full potential and how to get the most out of myself and life, ensuring that I realize that I am responsible for me and the journey that I am on. Thank you for your ongoing support, your words are valuable and your style of practice is positively one of a kind.

Kimberley Bassett

Marketing Consultant / Coogee, Sydney, NSW, Australia, Graduate 2009

Living Life Passionately gave me the opportunity to truly open up and accept all possibilities. During a visualisation I heard the words “do the study” and I am, and I’m loving it! I would recommend LLP to anyone seeking clarity or that extra set of tools to burrow down and work out what you truly want in life.


Producer / Paddington, Sydney, NSW, Australia, Graduate 2009

I’m generally feeling much more positive and focused, I’m still feeling quite anxious at times and feel prone to avoiding getting things done, avoiding answering the phone etc – the whole unfinished business thing – but I can feel that my overall insight and ability to be happy and focused has shifted. I’m more aware of when I am procrastinating or letting negative thoughts in now and I’m letting them go and pushing through it much more quickly than before. Also just focusing on the tasks that I can realistically get done efficiently is helping me clear the way to more time for me. Well, I’ll let you know how I go and keep you posted on my progress. Thank you SO much for the course, it really was one of the best things I’ve done for myself. It put so much into perspective for me in terms of my life and what I want out of it. It really does make you think about the bigger plan and the visualisation techniques have, as you say, really helped me clear a lot of the old junk out of the cupboard to make room for the new. Thanks Deb, you’re an inspiration. I hope you are having a wonderful week.”

Kate Black

NSW Government, Sydney, NSW, Australia Graduate 2008

Hi Deb, I booked my ticket to London for 5 weeks on the weekend and land mid August. I was going through my notes from LLP last night and principle in all my goals was spending more time with my brother and travelling with my family and friends. It took a few days to sink in that I had finally, after 8 years of self-promises and since returning from living in London in 2001 that I had finally booked my return trip. I am finally going back and to say goodbye to a time in my life that I am ready to leave in the past and in order to enjoy who and where I am now, today. It wasn’t until I was reading my notes that it struck me what a considerable milestone I had reached. It feels fantastic. I wanted to write and say thank you for all the support and tools and resources that I have learnt through you that have enabled me to reach and celebrate this time in my life. Thank you Deb.

Chantelle Gooch

Actor / Bondi, Sydney, NSW, Australia, Graduate 2009

Since the ‘Living Life Passionately’ course I generally feel more positive about life. I am much more organised and feel that I have tools to manage & resolve stressful situations that occur in my life. I am more self aware and very goal oriented. I feel motivated and inspired. I would recommend the course for anyone who would like to invite positive change into their life.


Communications Adviser / Newtown, Sydney, NSW, Australia, Graduate 2009

I found LLP to be extremely beneficial in helping me decide where I want my life and career to go next. Its positive atmosphere to brainstorm in and share ideas with like minded people who are also looking to move their lives forward. Deb teaches fantastic techniques which can be applied to anything — your health, your career, your relationships and your finances — to not only set your mind on a path of success but to also create a clear road map for how to get there. The course will help you recognise key moments and encounters in your life and how to act on them. It also emphasises the importance of meditation to clear the mind and positive thinking to move forward and plant the seeds for success. I highly recommend the LLP course to anyone, especially those who just aren’t quite sure where their life/career/love life/money is going.”


Actor / Sydney, NSW, Australia, Graduate 2009

Hi Deb, Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I have been asked to audition for three different projects this week. Awesome! Things feel as though they’re really shifting. I’ve spoken to my agent more this week than most of this year. It’s so great. I feel really clear and in control. Thanks again for everything. I know this is the beginning of my new way of life and it’s so exciting.


Former dance performer now self-employed photographer

Dear Deb, Just wanted to let you know that I took a look at my work from LLP recently and I was blown away with seeing that in the last 6 months I have accomplished everything that I had defined as my goals! Revisiting this work made understanding the process of it clearer and it felt so inspiring and empowering to see my results that I’ve now continued to work with my next 6 months goals. I’m so excited this time to see what I can accomplish with real focus! Thanks Deb for your guidance and teaching, I see and live the value it adds to my life.

Emma Lundwall-Segerström

The opportunity to take part in “Living Life Passionately” came at the perfect time in my life – I felt stuck and was lacking motivation to do something about it. During the course we were given practical tools to help us set goals to achieve what we really want in life. It was a mind-blowing experience to take a close look within ourselves and actually working with what we found. Being surrounded by like-minded people and a truly inspiring teacher made the 2 weekends a life changing experience. I am now using the goal-setting tools in my every-day life and my partner has now – after seeing the results I’ve achieved in the last few months “not only been to see Deb himself, he is using the same techniques and is already seeing positive change in his life. Deb is a fabulous teacher and kinesiologist, so if you haven’t been already, I can strongly recommend a visit to her clinic and I do encourage you to sign up for the next LLP course it will change your life!



Living Life Passionately is about one’s own Life. It is all about me, taking ownership of my Life, respecting My being, understanding the HUGE potential awaiting to unfold ahead of me. It is all about commitment. Thankyou for the course. I sincerely enjoyed (the course) and have recommended it


now working in Bali

Living Life Passionately helped me to decide what I want out of life. Then gave me the tools to create what I want out of life. I am now creating the life I am meant to live.


Executive Recruiter

I would like to say thankyou for a great workshop, you have given us some amazing tools to get our lives back on track and showed us how to make some important, positive changes in our life. I am deeply grateful for all the knowledge you shared with us…


Graphic artist, moved into self-employment

I have found the workshop to my benefit for the following: It has given me foresight into the future I am still doing it now – as I am starting up my own projects It makes you (me) create what I want to create, by the way the programme is written.



Although I have run my own business for the last 20 years, I thought I needed to get passionate again about what I love… I am glad that (my friend) told me about the course and I feel re- invigorated and ready for lots of adventure in all facets of my life. I feel as though I have gone over a hurdle and am now on the right side where I should be.

B.R., Pyrmont

was a government employee now following his dream to work in the arts.

I think it was fortunate that I decided to do the Living Life Passionately project (it has) truly changed me. Thank you.

Get yourself on track AND Learn to Live Life Purposefully –
Live the Life You Love, with Commitment, Gratitude & Joy.

Call Deborah on +61 408 600 410 or email with any questions, for further details or to enrol.