Masterful Goal Getting 1 day Workshop

Masterful Goal Getting


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Coogee NSW: 10am – 4pm Sunday June 5, 2022

Fee: $199.50

Early Bird Fee: $149.50 finishes Friday May 27, 2022


PLUS!!! Fee includes notebook and light refreshments AND…

Brendon Bouchard’s “The High Performance Planner” RRP$25!!!

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Tired of goal setting?
Time you achieved the life meant for You? The life that fills you up? That makes you bounce out of bed with Purpose?
Then it’s time you come along to Masterful Goal Getting!

Using the the skills I taught to CEOs, MDs, CFOs and their teams during my Corporate career to create The Lifestyle, achieve their goals and manage their schedules more easily… and the Life that was meaningful to them.

THEN adding tools and techniques from Kinesiology/ Neuro-training, Neuroscience and the Ancient Wisdoms to assist you to:

Discover and Explore Your Visions of the life you are meant to be living

Create the strategies and goals to get you there

Designed for the beginner wanting a process that creates results by getting to the heart of your dreams
For the LLP grad that wants to get back on track, reboot their life & take life to a whole new level.

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Want More Detail About Masterful Goal Getting?

“The workshop was a way of finding the deeper goals inside us all. Using different techniques and thinking as well as meditation. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to express their goals/desires for life and what they are trying to get out of it. ” Grad, 2017

Become a Masterful Goal Getter!

Reset Your GPS

Your brain is Your Inner GPS. When you are feeling confused and stuck your GPS is blank. This happens if you haven’t set a goal or when you have achieved a goal and haven’t checked in to create the next level.

Let’s get your GPS working again!

Let’s release the negative self talk like “I’m not good enough” , ” I don’t have enough time/ energy/ money/ ability to do this” and procrastination that is blocking you from setting your GPS and get moving!

Connect Your Vision to Your Heart to Create the Strategy for Your Future

The secret to Goal Getting is connecting with your Vision ( the way you imagine your dream life looks, sounds feels) through your heart in a way that gets your whole body tingling and online to making it happen.Your brain then instinctively creates a Strategy to make it happen.

Let’s Get Practical

Keeping it simple, using powerful, proven, effective tools and techniques to make this course results driven and solution oriented. It’s all about discovering your dreams then putting them into action so you can be LIVING the Life You are Meant To. The Life that is meaningful to You. That fills You Up. That gets you out of bed because you LOVE it AND the people you surround yourself with.

Become a Masterful Goal Getter!

Practice creates the Master and practice we will…through each part of your Life.

Then, after the initial class you have the option to return on 2 further nights to focus on 2 goals extra that have remained illusive. You are making the time to make them happen.

Masterful Goal Getting

Bookings Essential: call/sms/PM/email Deb To Book

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