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8/ 18 Alexander Street

Coogee NSW 2034


Office Hours

Tuesday -Thursday: 11.30am – 8pm

Friday & Saturday 10am – 5pm


To Book

Call or SMS on:
telephone-icon +61 408 600 410
Or email at:


Please note: Full fee is applicable for cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment


Appointment Fees

All Client visits to Deborah’s Coogee Office from March 1, 2012

1.5 hour appointment $160 incl GST


Remote Appointments (Local, Interstate, International)

All appointments $170 incl GST

Please consult with Deborah prior to payment.


Payment types

Payment can be made by cash, electronic banking, cheque or PayPal.

Cancellation Fee

Please note: Full fee is applicable for cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment time.


Remote Sessions

Can’t get into the office to see Deborah?

Local, International and Inter-state clients can join others in Australia, the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and NZ by benefitting from a personal consultation with Deborah.

To experience a Remote Session:

First email Deborah to make an appointment time for the 30 minute feedback session via Skype advising Deborah where in the world you are, your date of birth and what you are expecting from the session.

Deborah will respond to your email with further details and offering you appointment times suitable to your time zone.

The “Download” Email: Then email what’s happening in your life to Deborah. This email is a kind of “dumping” onto the page – very cathartic – especially when you “send” and let it go…

The email can also cover what’s happening in your life at the moment, where you are headed and what’s stopping you or slowing you down.

Pay $170 AUD for the appointment 2 days prior to your appointment by Paypal,through the website or by direct deposit into an Australian bank account (ask Deborah for banking details).

Once payment is received, Deborah can then do the work and prepare the feedback for your session via skype.

Then Skype Deborah at the agreed time so you can receive the consultation feedback and outcome.

Please email Deborah with any further questions or to book. :-)
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About Training at the Clinic

Accelerated learning techniques are used, which means you integrate the information more quickly and are Living the Life you are meant to sooner!


All classes and workshops at the clinic are consistently upgraded and refined to ensure you get the most from your time and training investment.


All trainings are held at Deborah’s clinic at 8/ 18 Alexander Street Coogee.


Fees include notes/ manuals, and morning and afternoon tea.
Deposit is refundable upon provision of 48 hours notice of non-attendance
Ask Deborah about Payment Plans


For more information: call Deborah on +61 408 600 410 or email


Repeat at HALF price!

Liked the workshop the first time? Want to get more from you initial trainings?
You can repeat the course at half price! (Applicable to Workshops ONLY, with exception to A Spirited Life)

For more information go to the Workshops & Classes page


To Enrol

To confirm your enrolment, payment can be made in cash, by cheque, internet banking or Paypal



Contact Deborah on +61 408 600 410 or email or for further information or to reserve your space.




Ex-Recruitment Consultant, Client since and Graduate from 2nd Living Life Passionately and 1st A Spirited Life workshops / Singapore, Singapore

Hi Deb! Singapore is great, much better than I expected actually! Slowly but surely I am getting closer to my goal this year; to start up my own business and work from home with something I love! The perfect lists and vision boards are working and I am really living my dream now – much thanks to what you’ve taught me over the last few years – THANK YOU!!!I I look forward to staying in touch and will hopefully book in for a remote session soon… I miss all your inspiring classes!!