A Spirited Life Workshop (Clients Only)

Live Life.

Live a Spirited Life.

Explore & discover what is a spiritual life for you
Experience the energetic side of Life

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10am – 12.30pm Sunday June 23, 2024


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About A Spirited Life

We each experience life uniquely. 

A Spirited Life provides opportunities to explore the nature of a spiritual life for you. 

A Spirited Life shares tools & techniques to the energetic experience of life. 


To stabilise & strengthen your energy, to care for you.
To trust yourself, your feelings, intuition and ‘gut instinct’
To find the strength, energy and ability to function in the everyday world
Make the most of your sensitivity

Do you feel what others feel when you spend time with them or think about them?
Do you feel drained by others, the environment, the weather?
Do you find you give more than you receive in some relationships?
Feel blind-sided by other people’s energy and needs?


A Client Only Event
An event for past or current clients who have experienced a Personal Consultation or Remote Session with Deborah.

A theory and practice based workshop including meditation, feeling and/or seeing energy fields and practical skills to use after the workshop.

Notebook provided.

Previous ASL students welcome…this is a good opportunity to practice.

To Book:

Email deborah@deborahbeers.com
Call/sms 0408 600 410
Bookings are confirmed on receipt of payment Wednesday August 16, 2023 

” A Spirited Life has given me the most amazing insights and tools to enhance my life in a way I knew I wanted to but didn’t know how. Deb was able to provide exactly the right amount of information in a way that was easy to understand and based on her ability to intuitively know what we individually needed. The benefits to me and as a result my family have been enormous already and I cant wait to learn more and see what else is possible. These are life long gifts – thank you doesn’t suffice.”

Chantal, Sydney Thursday night classes, June 2012



A Spirited Life

Designed to assist you to Live the Life You are Meant to, living a life that is meaningful to you and your Life Purpose, this workshop will  with:

  • practical tools and techniques
  • help you understand the energetic nature of life and
  • discover what is Spiritual for You

This workshop was created after clients asked (for many years) to learn “that other stuff ” (non-kinesiology tools) I use in Personal Consultations.
Jam packed with activities, meditations and visualisations are designed to assist You:

  • Develop, grow and strengthen your intuition – create a more meaningful life
  • Use tools to Be Present and have Presence
  • Learn to speak with and listen to your Spirit
  • Learn about the energetic nature of life & how to consolidate your energy systems: feel or see auras.
  • Strengthen your boundaries: cleanse and protect
  • Develop your relationship with Spirit

These basic skills are explained and practiced in each workshop.


On occasion, a different spiritual theme is infused through each workshop…treated in such a way that they become a part of your daily life. Topics include Being your Authentic Self; Opening Your Heart, Sincerity; Integrity, Grace; etc.

Applied Spirit, so to speak, which is actually everything I teach…in a fun, caring, positive and supportive environment (that’s why students keep asking for more!) with lots of new information and practical, hands on experience.


With the class/ workshop structure in place as a guide, each class/ workshop is taught intuitively according to the needs and understandings of the group.


Deborah says,

“It constantly amazes me how these workshops evolve to fill the spiritual needs of those present. Those in the workshop have their hearts touched too.

Awareness’s and perceptions grow considerably through experiential work, as limitations drop away.”



“I didn’t know what to expect (from A Spirited Life) I guess I thought I would learn techniques in meditation and how to connect with spirit…I have learned how to connect mind, body and spirit and the importance of connection to spirit to become my true self…(I) have already started (using this information), resources were helpful and techniques very helpful and practical”

Maree, Gold Coast


So come join us for A Spirited Life!


You can apply the learning and Live the Life You are Meant to.

A Spirited Life!

Remember, this workshop is for you if you want to:

  • Become Your Own Best Friend & Meet Your Higher Self
  • Want to find out how to become MORE Intuitive and Learn to Trust Yourself
  • Change feeling negatively  affected by other peoples’ energy
  • Learn How to Be Present
  • Find out about Auras and Chakras and how to use them best

Are You are Curious to Explore Questions Like:

  • What is and how do I live my Spiritual Truth? My Purpose?
  • What is Divine to me? The Universe? God? The Source? The One? How does my relationship with my Divine affect my everyday living?
  • What is Mediumship? How does this affect my life?
  • Learn skills to experience deeper, healing, more profound meditation

This workshop can provide this AND a whole lot MORE!

Through practical experience in this workshop old fears and  limitations drop away and a new awareness grow.

What they are saying about A Spirited Life?

“Hi Debs,

Thank you so much for your time and tutorage yesterday, it was a wonderful and incredibly insightful day. The energy when I walked into your apartment was amazingly calm and tranquil, and I certainly felt like I was in the presence of a vast amount of beautiful souls.

I knew my reasons for wanting to do the course before I arrived, though so many new questions kept flooding my mind and swirling around my head that today I feel like I have been on a huge journey to the other side of the world and back!

I’m going to take the time to practice meditating (after cleansing and protecting) and to coax my higher self out from hiding this week. .. when I lay my head down to sleep last night I actually got an incredibly vivid picture come into my head. It wasn’t like a normal thought that I have when I close my eyes, this picture I could actually SEE as clear as day! …Well thanks again Deb.”
Cheers, Daniel



“Having finished A Spirited Life over 3 weeks was a course you looked forward to attending even on those cold nights!! I did not know what to expect from this course and what I got was so much more in every way. I have now more understanding of spirit and ways to enhance and protect me and my family from this magical course!! Deb educates you in a safe environment and answers a lot of questions about the auras, chakras, colour therapy and subjects we do not often speak of as she brings the room to life with her wonderful sense of humour! Thanks Deb for teaching us, Forever grateful” 

Jenn:) Thursday night classes, June 2012



“Hi Deb, So glad I decided to do ASL for a second time!  In the chaos of moving it was grounding and calming, allowing me to deal with moving in a grounded cantered way. Thank you so much for an amazing day full of wisdom and abundant practical knowledge I can apply in my everyday.  You have an awesome ability to make the knowledge understandable and applicable to each individual.  Thanks again for a great day!”

Kendall, Sydney

Live Life.
Live a Spirited Life

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