Welcome to the Autumn Equinox

Quote for the Week

“The Emperor and the sage walked into the equinox of the fall. And the sage told him it is time for the leaves to fall, for the season to begin to go to sleep. It is time for all things to come to an end. It is the time, the cycle, of all livingness. Not only does this time mean that the individual should relax, they should review; but they should maintain their strength, in the time or to the time of their passing. It is time where things are re-fertilised, where trees go back to the earth, where animals stock their homes. It is time of refurbishing, of rebuilding, of shaking off the old, so the new can come forward within the winter. It is a time of great growth, for there is always over-amount of growth when you begin to cut away the dead wood….It is a time of great rejoicing within, for you have, in essence, completely refurbished your body. You usually find yourself in a place where a lot of old things can fall away. And where new begins to fall into your life, the right way.”


The Elements of Man, Chung Fu/ Marshall Lever



Hi, It’s Deb Here…


Autumn is the season to let go of the deadwood and the outmoded in our life so we can continue to grow, to move along our own path, toward our own vision. In the letting go the old ways of relating and Doing, Life can change, evolve, step up in a way that cannot happen when we hold on.


The Autumn Equinox is the time to let go of the past and create Your Vision for life You are meant to live.


Major times of transformation and change can create stress…feeling wound up, anxious, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite, weight gain, negative thoughts in an ongoing loop in our head, quick to react and criticize. Sound familiar?


We become stressed when we feel we have NO CHOICE.


At any given moment we have the choice to react to life = stress or RESPOND to life…to BE present, balanced, centred and en-JOY life from that space.


Most often I see people who are reacting to their life: their job/ bosses; their partners; their parents, their inner selves and to life.


When we react we can feel angry, fear of loss and separation or we could feel resentment, grief and guilt …all this leads to a feeling of NO Choice, and No Choice equals stress.


These emotional patterns are REACTIONS to stress, and stress can come from fear.


When we are in stress our right brain (filled with creative solutions) and our frontal lobe ( where present time and most recent memory sit) go into shutdown mode.


This leaves the back left quadrant of the brain handling ‘The Situation’, the home of old memories (The Past) and where neuro-scientists have found that FEAR sits. So our REACTIONS to life come from fear.





Head hold and breathe…place your hand across the forehead and it adds blood flow to the frontal lobe and the limbic system (Home of Emotions), bringing you back into Present Time and calming you down.


Placing your hand across the back bump of your skull helps all quadrants to talk to each other giving you a Whole brain response.


Now BREATHE through your NOSE…IN for 4, hold for 2, OUT for 4, hold for 2. 9 repetitions.


When we RESPOND to life we are WILLING to release resistance and make Changes that are positive and in support of ourselves and our goals, we are filled with Assurance life will only throw at us what we can handle, we have a sense of Oneness with others, our self and Life.


Or we have Interest in creating the life we are seeking, we are Equal to the challenge to do so…all this leads to the CHOICE to live the life we are meant to…a life with meaning that is Calm and Present.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Be kind.
And True to You.



It’s Autumn! What Can I Work On?


Well, we could start by making the transition into Autumn easier! And use the energy of the Autumn Equinox to remove the dead wood, let go of the past and create Your Vision for life You are Meant to Live.


Do You know the Top 5 reasons to book a Personal Consultation? 

  • Over the struggle of Surviving & want to Thrive, taking Your life to the next level
  • Want to improve a relationship with Yourself or someone else
  • Feel stuck and want to find calm and clarity
  • Want support, tools & techniques to help You with Your search for Purpose in Life
  • Want to find work that is meaningful, that You love and be fulfilled by it


Every service I offer is designed to fill these needs and so much more.


The bottom line is, I love helping others create their own Positive Change in their lives.


Positive Change is:

  • Making choices that are in support of you and your goals
  • Seeking better results for the effort you put into Life and
  • Achieving MORE easily


If you’d like some help with this, I’d love to hear from You.
Just let me know and we can arrange an appointment time that is best for You.
All the best always,


Make time for You.
Become lighter, happier, clear on your purpose.