Infusing Positives

What You Focus on Grows



What does Your self talk focus on?
What You Focus on Grows.


Quote for the Week


You are the sum total of everything you’ve ever seen, heard, eaten, smelled, been told, forgot – it’s all there. Everything influences each of us, and because of that, I try to make sure that my experiences are positive.


Maya Angelou



What is Your Vision for 2019?


For your relationship ? Family life? With friends?
With yourself?
At work? Financially?
Your spiritual life?
Your health?

Wondering how You Can Create It?
Want to keep the progress growing?

Feeling stuck and unchanging?


Or just want to create changes in your life?


Neuroscience tells us that 95% of what you think today you thought yesterday and the day before that. So Think something NEW. That creates new habits when repeated over time create a new lifestyle. One new thought with action. Then another. Then another toward your new reality. That’s what Deb’s helping you to do using Neuro-training Kinesiology.


Are You ready to let go of the pain and difficulty of 2018?


To integrate the learnings of 2018 to keep the progress growing into 2019?


Deb’s here to help you do that and MORE.


Make time for You.
Become lighter, happier, clear on your purpose.


Infusing Positives



Hi, It’s Deb Here….


It’s been wonderful to see so many of you for appointments setting your intentions and Theme for 2019, removing the blocks and getting back on track to making them happen. Woohooo!


Part of the beauty I find in Neuro-training Kinesiology is the surprise and delight clients and myself experience as the process reveals Your very own unique solutions and ways to healing.


Your brain tells me exactly what’s going on, what’s working and what’s no longer working for You and how You want to change it. Love it!


Some feeling drained, depleted and exhausted, many clients have been coming in expecting Recuperation to arise as the theme for their session.


Using the Neuro-training kinesiology process we have instead found their theme for their session was, for some, to clear the blocks to Infusing the Positives… you know those times you get stuck conceding to the negatives with heavy feelings and an endless loop of negative thoughts in your head?


They blind you to all the evidence in your life that you can create Positive Change and stop you from CREATING the Resources to Support Yourself MORE Successfully.


And funnily enough we find part of that pattern can be blocking your energy flow to keep you just surviving….so you can feel drained, irritable and exhausted.


No one ever arrives in my office wanting to survive- EVERYONE arrives wanting to release the old habits and patterns to find NEW ones…. so they can THRIVE.


Which is precisely what the Neuro-training kinesiology process helps you to do! To find the energy so you can heal yourself, release the beliefs systems, emotional and physical patterns that block you from creating FLOW in your Life….so you can find new and better ways of living Your Life.


When things stop flowing in your Life You feel stuck and blocked, like you are hitting your head against a wall. That’s the time to come in for a session, so you can find the energy, clarity and Flow of receiving as well as giving in Life – and THRIVE again.


The Resources you attract and Create are reflective of your energy levels and what you are thinking and feeling, what you believe you deserve. When you are feeling tired, flat and thinking negatively you find poor quality resources that only help you survive.


When we get the energy Flowing and clear out the feelings of unworthiness or other beliefs blocking You… you can start to CREATE NEW Resources to support yourself more successfully.


Limiting thoughts and beliefs become expansive and loving. You start to see Opportunities you would never have seen before and bring people experiences, time, energy, money, Spirit, clarity and direction into your Life. Quality Resources so you can Thrive!


Now, that’s Living the Life You are Meant To!



Quality Resources


You know I love sharing quality resources to motivate, educate and inspire.


Here are 3 MORE for you to enJOY!


1. Healthy Thinking


The progress in clients who have read Dr Joe Dispenza’s books, listened to his meditations and attended his workshops is remarkable. Here he is explaining the neuroscience behind the work we do with Neuro-training Kinesiology and his own work enJOY!


How to Stop Being Yourself: Dr Joe Dispenza and How to Reprogram Your Mind


2. Barry Goldstein’s New Project


I’ve been enJOYing the healing benefits of my friend double Grammy Award Winner Barry Goldstein’s music for the last 12 years. Clients been loving it’s ability to create a deeper meditation with the opportunity for more profound healing in Deb’s Meditation Classes for 9 years. So I am thrilled he has joined forces with another key resource of mine neuropsychiatrist Dr Daniel Amen to create this album. Barry Goldstein and Dr Daniel Amen Groundbreaking Music Programme


3. For LOVE and fun and inspiration enJOY this clip from Pink


P!nk & Willow Sage Hart (P!nk’s Daughter) – A Million Dreams/A Million Dreams (Reprise)


I love to receive your photos, video clips, songs, book suggestions and other valuable resources to share with Deb’s Community. Thank you! Please keep them coming.