Loving You

What You Focus on Grows



Are you focused on the hate?
The experiences?
Or The Love?
To create Love, focus on Love.

What You Focus on Grows



Quote for the Week


“Just look at my life path! Why, oh why, have I always been so harsh with myself? Why was I always beating myself up? Why was I always forsaking myself? Why did I never stand up for myself and show the world the beauty of my own soul?


Why was I always suppressing my intelligence and creativity to please others? I betrayed myself every time I said yes when I meant no! Why have I violated myself by always needing to seek approval from others just to be myself? Why haven’t I followed my own beautiful heart and spoken my own truth?” Anita Moorjani, Dying To Be Me



Hi, It’s Deb Here…


The Ignite Your Heart workshop is coming up this Sunday and I LOVE it’s no.1 outcome…seeing each member of the class as they leave the workshop at the end of the day with a new sense of self confidence and assurance. They hold themselves taller and are comfortable in their body. They glow with a sense of KNOWING who they are. They have discovered their own personal secret and their BFF, in their heart.


That’s a game changer to their whole life on so many levels. Which is the reason why so many IYH grads love to revisit and take the IYH training deeper to a whole new level.


You may have noticed from the content of Breathe newsletters that it is currently workshop & class season with plenty on offer to add the icing to your Personal Consultations.


All the classes & workshops are designed by someone (me) who dislikes attending workshops and classes. So they have been designed to create a relaxed, safe, fun and productive learning environment.


That means each workshop or class is ALL about You and set up so that You get the most from your learning experience. For those of you who are looking for like-minded others you have the opportunity to do that too. Scroll for more FAQ about Deb’s Classes/ Workshop.


So if you are over feeling at loss with your friendships and relationships at times, or the anxiety, doubt and overwhelm of dating, workplace politics or letting go of old relationships to make room for better ones, come along to Ignite Your Heart. It’d be wonderful to see you here!



Loving You


As the old song goes, “Loving You is easy because you are beautiful”, yet mostly we focus on our flaws and mistakes rather than on our beauty and what we add to the world.


To change this you can create new habits, implement a life long practice like breathing and eating, to ensure you are consistently creating the loving relationship with Yourself each moment of each day.


Self Love is All You Need


You know when you feel good the world knows It. You hold your head high, you walk with purpose, your posture is straight and your eyes are shining like your grin. When you are feeling bad about yourself your retreat into yourself as you recoil in fear from the world, your shoulders slump, you mumble and have difficulty looking others in the eye.


You are constantly communicating who you are to the world, the way you walk, talk, hold yourself, the clothes you wear, the way you behave, the music/ peeps/ movies/ box sets you love, who you hang with and what you love doing are all communicating You to the world.


Feeling uncomfortable in your life? Notice the message you are sending out into the world. Is it really you? Or someone you use to be? Tweak it or change it to who you are now or who you want to grow to be. Then you begin to BE Your True Self.



Growing Your Self Esteem, Self Worth and Confidence


Start to listen to Your Inner Voice…it may be nagging you to stop something, do something or begin something new….over and over and over again. You know that voice…it is always gentle, kind and loving AND repetitive. At other times your Inner Voice may gently and lovingly guide you to where you need to be to create the Life You are Meant to Be Living.


Begin NOW to Listen and ACT on the Inner Voice’s messages. They will always be loving, kind and positive. Some call it a Gut Feeling, a vibe, their intuition or their Nagging Inner Voice ( funnily enough).


The more you listen and act on Your Inner Voice the stronger your self esteem, self confidence and self worth will BE. And that’s the secret to BEing Your True Self.



When We Change the Communication We Change the Relationship


Sometimes we get into habits of communicating that no longer support us or the health of the relationship. And because they are habits that can creep up on us, we are often unaware they have become ‘default’ modes.


Then for some strange reason we can think that it is okay to speak with those we love most with least respect.


As with fears, old habits can be released and new habits created that are positive and in support of you and your goals. You begin to communicate clearly, from your heart.


By changing the communication You change the relationship.


Ignite Your Heart highlights the key to changing any relationship – with yourself, with your loved ones, with your colleagues, anyone – is to change the communication.


Ignite Your Heart was created in 2011 consolidating years of research, experience and guidance with the intention to assist clients, their family and friends to heal the relationship with themselves and those around them.


We can do the deep work in a Personal Consultation at the office. Or you can clear the rubbish to go deeper and come along to Ignite Your Heart and learn to:


Be Heard
Know What You Want and Ask for It
Be Respected and Admired
Be Connected
Communicate Your True Self better
And so much MORE!


As you become clearer on who you are and what your want from life, you let go of the old fears and habits and begin to communicate more clearly. Your True Self.


Looking forward to seeing you in a Personal Consultation or Ignite Your Heart soon.


In the meantime, be kind and True to You.


Wishing You All the Best Always,