Remote Consultation – Goal Packs

Remote Consultation – Goal Packs




Goal Packs for Returning Remote Clients: 
After your Initial Consultation…Focus on a particular goal that has been elusive and Goal Get!
Or Share with the family.
5 Consultations Pre-Paid Pack and receive 5% bonus discount

Valid for 12 months from date of purchase

Please note: Full fee is applicable for cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment

Cancellations very rarely occur so it’s important to understand the reasoning behind the cancellation fee policy. The cancellation fee is about Your Commitment, Accountability and Respect to You, Your Healing and Your Vision of the Life You Are Meant to Be Living. Within 24 hours of your appointment your subconscious brings to the surface all the reasons why it shouldn’t, couldn’t and doesn’t want to change to stop you from attending your appointment. That’s a GOOD reason to come in. It is keeping you locked in survival mode (because it knows the old patterns of survival have worked- you are alive). Choosing to step out of survival and into THRIVING – especially when the choice is tough – takes commitment, accountability and respect for Yourself and Your Vision.That’s how you make it happen. One positive choice at a time.