St. Valentine’s Ignite Your Heart + 5 Minute Story

What You Focus on Grows



Are you consumed by the pain?
Or noticing the changes? the surprises? the new?
What You Focus on Grows.



Quote for the Week


“You know, many years ago, my father gave a college graduation speech where he told the students, “Allow me to challenge you not to think so much about what you will do or where you will go. Allow me to challenge you to think about … what you believe.”


In other words, he was challenging them to look at what they believe, in order to find out who they could become.


In truth, that’s the most important question we can all ask ourselves throughout our lives: “What do I believe – and who do I want to be?”


Answering that question is crucial, because what you believe is the foundation upon which you build yourself as you continue to grow. … “Just Who Will You Be?”

– from “Just Who Will You Be?” by Maria Shriver


This is one of my favourite quotes. Along with the 5 Minute Story below, it is also the basis of a fun and insightful exercise in Ignite Your Heart. So, Who do You want to Be? Come along Sunday February 17 and find out!



Hi, It’s Deb Here…


After a BIG start to 2019 and lots of new goals, habits and visions set down, the last few weeks have been a challenge for some clients. Reporting having been very productive and on focus then finding the wind dropping out of their sails, feeling stuck, sleep deprived, dreaming a lot, fearing they will miss out/ are forgetting ‘something’/ losing control, feeling lost, overwhelmed, lacking energy and motivation….sound like you?


It’s important to remember that setting new goals is a challenge to the brain as it changes it’s wiring toward where you want to be. In Neuro-training Kinesiology sessions one of the Contexts/ Themes we work with says, ” The goals we set for ourselves are a type of challenge to our future, to change, to incorporate what we want in that future. They are also a challenge to those experiences in the past that act as evidence that we can’t or don’t have what we want.


So, if you have been feeling off course for 2 weeks or more PLEASE make an appointment so we can sort it out, get you back on track and in the flow again.



In the meantime, use it as a reminder to return from your visions of the future, to Be Present, so you can get down to the work/play of actually creating it.


Head holding and breathing helps you stay Present, let go of the stress and find Calm, Clarity & Focus. So place one hand across your forehead, the other hand across the back of the head. Belly breathe in for 4, hold for 2, out for 4, hold for 2. 9 reps. Repeat a 2 or 3 times a day (schedule reminders on your phone) to retrain your brain to BE Present and REALLY enJOY Life.


You may have noticed from the content of Breathe newsletters that it is currently workshop & class season with plenty on offer to add the icing to your Personal Consultations. All the classes & workshops are designed by someone (me) who dislikes attending workshops and classes. So they have been designed to create a relaxed, safe, fun and productive learning environment.


That means each workshop or class is ALL about You and set up so that You get the most from your learning experience. For those of you who are looking for like-minded others you have the opportunity to do that too. Scroll for more FAQ about Deb’s Classes/ Workshop.


Ignite Your Heart 1 day workshop is coming up soon, on Sunday February 17, and I LOVE it’s no.1 outcome…seeing participants at the end of their training with a new sense of self assurance, self love and direction as they leave. They hold themselves taller and comfortably. And glow with a sense of Knowing they have discovered their own personal secret and their BFF deep within themselves.


That’s a game changer to their whole life on so many levels. Which is the reason why so many IYH grads love to return to revisit and take the IYH training deeper to a whole new level.


Great News! As a result of client requests the Early Bird Offer saving you $50.50 is EXTENDED to Friday February 8, 2019 so book asap to secure your place and the early bird offer.


There is plenty of great information, insights and resources (LOVE sharing quality resources!) in the Breathe newsletter ahead!



5 Minute Story


” To master a relationship is all about you. The first step is to become aware, to know that everyone dreams his own dream. Once you know this, you can be responsible for your half of the relationship, which is you. If you know that you are only responsible for half of the relationship, you can easily control your half. It is not up to us to control the other half. If we respect, we know that our partner, or friend, or son, or mother, is completely responsible for his or her own half. If we respect the other half, there is always going to be peace in that relationship. There is no war.


Next, if you know what is love and what is fear, you become aware of the way you communicate you dream to others. The quality of your communication depends upon the choices you make in each moment, whether you tune your emotional body to love or to fear. If you catch yourself in the track of fear, just by having that awareness, you can shift your attention into the track of love. Just by seeing where you are, just by changing your attention, everything around you will change.


Finally, if you are aware that no one else can make you happy, and that happiness is the result of love coming out of you, this becomes the greatest mastery of the Toltecs, the Master of Love.


We can talk about love and write a thousand books about it, but love will be completely different for each of us because we have to experience. Love is not about concepts; love is about action. Love in action can only produce happiness. Fear in action can only produce suffering.


The only way to master love is to practice love. You don’t need to justify your love, you don’t need to explain your love; you just need to practice your love. Practice creates the master. “


– from “The Mastery Of Love”, Don Miguel Ruiz


Be kind.
And True to You.