Time to Rescue Your Resolutions

What You Focus on Grows



Are you focused on the hate?
Or Loving What You Do?
To create Love, focus on Love.
That is Success.
What You Focus on Grows



Quote for the Week

“How hurtful it can be to deny one’s true self and live a life of lies just to appease others.”


– June Ahern



Hi, It’s Deb Here…


WOW! What a week it’s been!


The Virgo Full Moon has been keeping many clients busy reorganising their lives, priorities, values, cupboards health and finances….focusing on the fine details of life.


Many have reported difficulty sleeping too.


On the back of the Aquarian New Moon 2 weeks ago, perfectly timed to help create lofty BIG Visions of your BIG future, the Virgo Full Moon helps bring these projects and visions into physical reality. It also highlights our fears so we can analyse them and let them go as no longer relevant to Life now.


Use the Write And Rip exercise to release the fears, then headhold and breathe ( 9 reps) to release the emotional energy and begin to imagine your projects and visions materialising easily before your eyes. Focus on how you feel when they come to fruition, breathing them in and filling your body with the feelings.


It’s a productive replacement for the stressing you were doing if you couldn’t sleep, as is listening to a Guided Meditation to help you find the stillness within.



It’s Time to Rescue Your 2019 Theme & New Year’s Resolutions


We are now coming into the last week of February and I just have to ask…


How are Your New Year’s Resolutions coming along?


Are you on track or did they get derailed by work and the people you love? “Other Priorities”?


NOW is the time to remind yourself who’s life you are living. 
THEN you have more energy for those you love and the other priorities.




When you SHOW support and follow through on your promises your brain loves it…it does more for You! It changes the ways you think and feel about yourself to The Positive-and-In-Support- of-You mode, so you become healthier, have more energy and a whole lot MORE!


It helps you to build Your Self Esteem & Self Confidence …EASILY!


The question is, as well as your Theme & New Year Resolutions,  where else are you offering yourself empty promises?


Every time you make a promise with yourself Like “I’ll get up at 6am tomorrow and go jogging” or “ I will give up chocolate for a month starting Monday” and you don’t follow through with action your brain stops believing you.


So when you want to make a decision or get a gut reaction or listen to your intuition you can feel confused and out of balance.


From previous experience you have taught your brain you are more committed to follow through for others rather than yourself…..like your Boss because you promise and deliver repeatedly AND put a lot of emotion (often fear) and energy  into making sure you do it.


You have hardwired your brain to step beyond the call of duty for your Boss, colleagues, clients, customers, Mum, Dad, kids, partner and friends…because you have done so repeatedly and consistently.


And THEN you wonder why you feel badly about yourself, feel under-appreciated, taken for granted and with no energy for You? You have hardwired your brain by repeated thoughts, emotions and actions to put others before yourself so that when they ask your automated REACTION  is “yes” even though you might be in the middle of something very important to you.


Sound familiar?


The Good News is we can change that.


We can give You  your Life back, so you can CHOOSE to RESPOND to the requests rather than REACT on automatic default mode.


NOW is the time to CHOOSE to take responsibility for making your Vision of a better life/ job/ relationship/ health/ bank balance/ travel etc REALITY. When you take responsibility  you can RESPOND in the MOMENT, you can make CHOICES that are POSITIVE and in SUPPORT of You and Your goals.


This starts with creating a strategy. Remember: Foresight = Vision  + Strategy. Start by writing down your Vision and the Strategy as you see it now. This assists you to get your goal more easily….goals written down are 80% more successful!


What’s the Next Step?Which question is more like You?


Do you now ask “What’s the first step in this strategy?”


Or do you say to yourself “ I don’t know where to start?”, “I’m stuck”, “I’m not good/ rich/ worthy enough”…because that’s exactly what your brain is giving you. More “I don’t know”, more stuck, more ‘not enough’.


So ASK…What is the Next Step? Then DO it!! Act!!


This means that you take the vision, you ask ‘What is the next step?” and You DO it. Usually it’s a little step then another and another. Toward where and who you want to be. 




If you ignore the next step? It nags. And nags. It becomes procrastination (if only Hamlet knew that!), self sabotage and fuels the self defeating thoughts and feelings streaming  through your body draining you of energy. Argh!


The difference is- what are You going to DO to move toward where you want to be? Who You want to BE? Well, the easier response would be to go DO the Next Step so you can get on with living.


Remember: “What is the Next Step?” keeps us moving TOWARD our vision making our goals a reality.


Most often, we have buried the next step under all those negative feelings/ thoughts/ habits so we forget what the next step was.


That’s a good time to come in for an appointment. So you can find clarity and focus again and the energy to get back on track.



Your Future Your Vision…the Life You are Meant to Be Living


When you have a vision of yourself of climbing Your mountain – whatever that maybe- of receiving an award, the kiss of a beloved one,  the recognition of a job well done – it rarely comes with the moment to moment challenges, the one-step-in-front-of- another-choices of everyday toward that vision that help us get there.


“ The first step binds one to the second.” French Proverb


Yet every vision has a first step, then another, then another. Some are clearer than others, others reveal themselves – they become a part of the process of you moving toward the Life You are Meant to Be Living.


Other steps, other resources drop away when they are no longer in support of Your Vision. This is a natural part of the cycles of life, yet we hang on, hold tightly to people, habits and ways of thinking that we have outgrown…and struggle with maintaining something where the energy has dropped out.


Remember it is Your Vision. No one elses. So unless the people around you have achieved their vision, it is rare they will understand the nagging, aching, committed reality you have to Your vision.


Because it is YOUR Vision. Commit to Your Vision. Take RESPONSIBILITY for it’s positive outcome.


An athlete spends years of focus and moment to moment choices (often from childhood) to win a race. An Opera singer’s voice matures at 40 years of age… that’s a lot of daily practice and choices toward their vision! Performers often joke that it took them 30 years to become an “overnight success”.


One step in front of another…asking “ Is this drawing me toward my vision, or does it pull me away?”


When I was about 10 years of age I had a vision for what I wanted to be when I grew up. I am doing it now. The same sense I received then still deeply resonates inside me daily… in Personal Consultations with clients and running workshops and classes. It is for all of this and more that I chose over 20 years ago to study kinesiology. It took a lot of searching to find, then one step after another through my own quagmires and years of toxic muddy corporate workplaces always seeking and often succeeding to light a spark in others about their own vision and ability to Live it.


And here I am living the life I am meant to. My heart sings.


And that is precisely how the Living Life Passionately workshop came about. In my corporate life I was training my staff to create the life they were REALLY wanted, using kinesiology techniques. And guess what? Their productivity improved, they were happier and sick leave dropped. They were moving TOWARD their vision, and are now living them. Along with hundreds of clients who have attended the Living Life Passionately workshop since 2005.


Living Life Passionately is living Your Life, Your Vision with Love, Commitment and Purpose. Your Vision adds meaning to Your Life. By DO – ing it!


Now is the time to find Your Vision, take responsibility for making it happen, create the strategy, clear what’s blocking it, and one step after another make your vision a reality.


And that’s a REALLY good reason to come in for your next Personal Consultation, or come along to Masterful Goal Getting or Living Life Passionately later in the year!



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