What’s Your Theme for 2019?

What You Focus on Grows



I am so very grateful for the beautiful, heart-felt messages I have received from so many of you over the last month.


They are treasured bonuses…I am very privileged to be doing what I LOVE everyday, thanks to You, so I am very grateful. Your messages are the icing on the cake. Thank You!


In fact I love what I am doing now even more than when I began 30 years ago…and I loved it a LOT even then.


So much so I wanted to share the JOY with others…You.


So you could live the benefits and show others they too have the Choice to live the life meant for them.


You made that happen. By allowing me to help you BE who you truly are, in your heart of hearts and true nature.


So you can Live the Life You are Meant to, that is meaningful to You. And others are benefiting as a result.


That’s living life with love, commitment and purpose, a passionate life. Bravo!


Be Proud.


Remember, What You Focus on Grows.



What’s Your Theme for 2019?


Over the last few weeks we have been wrapping up 2018 with exercises in the last 2 Breathe newsletters.


The Summer Solstice exercise 2 weeks ago has helped so many of you realise how far you have come this year, and assisted you in leaving the pain of the year behind and take the learnings and growth into the New Year.


Last week the Spiritual Agenda has started to set your higher vision for 2019.


On the back of that, now is the time for you to create your theme for 2019.


The thought of creating New Year Resolutions can feel frustrating, demoralising, passe or a waste of time for so many, so over the last few years I have been asking clients to CHOOSE a Theme for the year ahead.


So what’s Your Theme for 2019?


This is The BIG picture approach to Goal Getting. Your theme will influence your Choices for the year ahead. If you choose to accept this Mission, each decision you make from NOW until December 31, 2019 will be based on your new theme.


Think about it.


Everything on your To Do List has a number of reasons for doing them…you go to work to pay the bills to live where you want and play as you want…what does this give you? Are you doing it just to tick the boxes on your To Do list? Or is there a higher purpose…to be happy? to be fulfilled? to be generous? to be kind? to be noticed/ admired? to be financially secure? to be healthy? …


Imagine your Theme for 2019 is Happiness.

Every time you make a choice you can ask yourself

“Is this Choice likely to bring me Happiness?”

If so, is this happiness likely to be short term or long term?

Then make your decision accordingly.


Applying the Theme of Happiness 2019 when you are feeling stuck or blocked You could ask yourself, “What can I do right now that will bring me happiness in support of my goals?” as examples your responses could be “Go for a Walk” , “ Create a Savings Plan”, “Be kind to a stranger”, “Call a friend”, “ Head hold and Breathe”, “Go for a swim” or “Write in my journal”.


Then go DO IT.


Apply any Theme to this process and test it out for 7 days. You may find it evolves into something else. If so well and good- this is all about finding clarity and focus. Then your Theme for 2019 can do it’s true work.


By defining your theme for 2019 you no longer ‘do for the sake of doing’, your actions become in support of Your and Your Goals.


And that’s the definition of Positive Change.

This IS the start of The Best Day of Your Life So Far.

It is the next step to You Living the Life Meant for You.

So what’s Your Theme for 2019?



A 5 Minute Moment…

About Your Garbage….Story of the Week


The following passage comes from one of my lifetime favourite books, The Theft of the Spirit, A Journey to Spiritual Healing. Page after page it reveals heartfelt, healing stories.


I found the book in a rumble sale about 20 years ago. A true treasure. Written by Carl A. Hammerschlag, MD, speaker, author and psychiatrist who spent more than 20 years as a physician among Native Americans in the Southwest, the part of the USA I am so drawn to and love. He has since been in private practice and is a member of the faculty and the University of Arizona School of Medicine and lives in Phoenix Arizona.




“ As we gathered the exposed roots in the streambed we came upon a tree encircled at it’s base by an ancient automobile tire that, with age, had hardened like stone. Directly through this piece of debris had grown a twenty foot tree. Kay and I both stared at it. Finally she said, “ I think I’ve got it. Being healthy is just letting life grow through your garbage.”


That’s it. Most of us are shovelling garbage rather than transforming it. We move our garbage from one pile to another as if we’re really doing something about it.


Our task in life is not to lament, rationalise, and obsess. It is to get on with it. If you discard your garbage, then a tree can grow through it.


Kay and I went to Walpi, maybe the oldest continuously inhabited village on this continent. A towering rock alter stands in the village plaza, it is said to be the source of emergence of the first people who came here. A few of the people still live here all year round, and it’s still quite ‘primitive’, although most of the villagers have moved to newer quarters and only come back to these ancestral grounds for ceremonial occasions. Near this stone altar lives an ancient great-grandmother, over a hundred years old, some say. She asked us to come in. Her hands are arthritic but she is a working potter. She not only throws pots but paints them afterward. I asked her how she manages to do it, since her knuckles are knotted by arthritis and she is nearly blind with cataracts. She said, “It’s not my hands that make the pot, it’s my spirit. My hands are broken but my potteries hold my soul, that’s whole.”


From nothing grows something.


I bought the only piece she had left. It is a double-necked wedding vase, but cracked where the spouts are joined. “It’s cracked, “ I said, “Me too,” she said. “What about you? Aren’t you a little cracked?” On their wedding day, lovers only see perfection in each other. But they will soon look again and see the cracks, if they can stay and see beyond the cracks, then they see the light.


Kay heard this as another transformation story: it’s not our cracks that make us garbage. It’s choosing not to see the light through them. “


Are you focused on the garbage or the tree in your life? The cracks or the light? Are you living from your spirit?


This book, this passage has influenced what I do in Personal Consultations, classes and workshops…living from my heart, my spirit to help you clear the garbage so your light can shine brighter, so you can truly live Your spiritual truth.


Thank You.



Blessings and peace,
Be Kind. And True to You,